Geekly Gary

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Geekly Gary
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Alias(es): Corpse Fucker Gary
Race: Human
Class: Dinner
Status: Dead
Cause of Death:
Eaten by Pyre
Affiliations: N/A
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 355 - Turning the Enemy
Last Episode: Episode 361 - RIP to a True Hero
MISC Info: Geekly Gary was a rat PNG that Bachmann would occassionally put into the Twitch Stream. Before this, Corpsefucker Gary was a joke character that various cast members liked to pretend existed. Michael just combined the two for comedic effect

An inside joke among the Geekly crew, Geekly "Corpsefucker" Gary was a minor character integral to the Tower of Grey's plan to take down Pyre. After a lot of deliberation, Geekly agrees to be injected with copious amounts of dragon poison to be fed to Pyre.

His life ended with the closing of Pyre's jaws in the Colosseum of Mastwick.