Geekly Random Encounters: Darkblades Episode 2

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The party decides to go get Dragonclaw Wyverndrake resurrected, since they had grown fond of him and all. Luckily the Darkblades have a hookup there and they bring him back at the cost of 10,000 GP which goes on Dragonclaw's tab. They go back through the sewers to the warehouse and find a trapdoor. Wulfgar picks the lock but accidentally gets poisoned while doing so. He's fine though. They poke their heads up and incapacitate the guard inside. They avoid the other guards and liberate a bunch of gold and a bag of rubies from the warehouse. Things get hairy for a bit when everybody debates over whether to pocket extra rubies or not, but in the end they just leave. They are promoted to full Darkblade Cutpurses.