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The Griffons, or Griffins, were a group of some kind of animal I can't remember the name of that were stolen/rescued by the then un-named Ätlän-tã Fælcons from the past in House Vidalis during Episode 65 - The Fall of House Vidalis. In Episode 100 - A Bittersweet Reunion, stock was taken by Tim Lanning, and it was clarified that there were, at that time, seven griffons traveling with the Fælcons. In Episode 101 - Home is Where Your Heads Are it is clarified that there are five griffons.

After the Seven Year Gap, it was revealed that only two griffons remained, Peter and Sparkles. Isuuld was the Griffon handler for The Tower of Grey.




  • Peter. Yes, Peter the Griffon. Yes, Peter Griffin. *sigh*. This show is very good.
  • Sparkles