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Jennifer Elizabeth Cheek is a current player on the Drunks and Dragons podcast on the Geekly Inc. network (and its sister podcast, Random Encounters), and currently plays Rowan Grey. She also is a co-host on Cast of Thrones.



  • Birthday: May
  • Wife to co-host Tim Lanning
  • Lives in Boston, MA
  • Rolls incredibly low incredibly consistently. Seriously, it's like a curse or something.
  • Usually plays characters that are just herself, but slightly changed. Like, Rowan can shoot arrows, and I'm preeeeeeeeeeety sure Jennifer can't. [Citation needed]
  • She is huge fan of anime, and often references various animes
  • Like Tim Lanning, she grew up religious, but broke free later in life
  • Works as a Marketing Coordinator
  • Jennifer is 5'2"[1].


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