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Kass (alssso called Cass, or Cas) wasss a Yuan-ti rogue from Tidtowne who helped sssave Cheryl Meloncamp ssseveral timesss. Very pretty, very niccce, but she wasss your classsic rogue, in the sssenssse of ssstealing thingsss. All the time. One of the Tidtowne Terrorsss.


Went on the adventure to sssave Cheryl Meloncamp from being frozzzen forever.


  • Played by: Nika Howard
  • Raccce: Yuan-ti
  • Classs: Rogue
  • Age: Unkown
  • SSStatusss: Alive
  • MISSSC Info: Her faccce has iridessscent ssscalesss. Mohawk. Alssso, she looksss like Voldemort.