King Titus Harper

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Harper aka The Blazing Hand aka The Tempest is played by Tim Lanning.



Harper joined the group following the death of Tum Darkblade. He is there to escape his oft mentioned dark past by becoming a simple boatman. He had a father, Lord Anthony Harper and a mother, as well as several siblings including Adira Harper. He is from Pelor's Hope, where his family was nobility before they were all (except Adira) slaughtered by demons.

Following the The Battle Above the Abyss he returned to Pelor's Hope and became king. He is now married to Asha`Yara`Dain and has six children.




House Harper


Harper is covered with tattoo like burns. Harper is really handsome. He will melt your panties right off (either with fire or handsomeness).

Harper has Celiac Disease, which helps to explain why he is so grumpy all the time and has migraines. (Ep. 55)

Harper is uncircumcised, although the size is debatable. (Ep. 97 and Ep. 61 respectively)

Harper is allergic to cats (and cat people).