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Lonnik Caplin, or Lonnie was a monk who sought out The Tower of Grey in their tower in Greenham. She agreed to join help and help them out on various missions in return for them finding her brother, Lannie.


  • NPC
  • Race: Wood-Elf
  • Class: Monk
  • Age: Adult
  • Status: Alive

Lonnie was about 5'5", had dirty-blonde hair, with some rough dyes in it. She was thin, with slightly toned muscles, wore a crop top, either with a high neck, or across the chest (depending on the time of day), loose, baggy pants, cinched at the ankles, and foot and arm wraps. She had a dead ferret wrapped around her waist like a fanny pack. She had a missing brother named Lannie, and several other dead siblings: Lonnie, Lennie, Linnie, Lonnei, Linguini, and Lana. They were killed during an argument with a rival family, the Coymacs, over whether cake was better than pie or not. She was from Arkansas, where they hosted a baking contest, and Lonnie's family submitted a possum cake, with no possom in it (racoons), which the Coymac family poisoned. Lonnie was fine, because she doesn't need to eat.

She's not very smart.