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Alias(es): N/A
Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death:
Trapped in the Jerk Yert by Jett Razor and tortured to death by the Mr. Meeseeks "living" there
Affiliations: N/A
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 191 - Mixed Messages
Last Episode: Episode 191 - Mixed Messages
MISC Info:

Longcryer was an exiled wizard of the White Spire, and the most wanted criminal wizard before his death. Longcryer performed illegal experiments on living beings, torturing them to try to unlock the powers of a sorcerer. Titus Harper was his most renowned, if not the most powerful, success. He was supposedly killed when trapped within the Jerk Yert as it was made into a trap of spikes with no method of escape. This is not a legal or legitamate way to kill a character, but it was an RP thing, and everyone was pretty upset because minutes before this happened, he killed Harper. This was done by having a potion mist through the building they were in and it activated in Harper, which Longcryer then exploded using magic. Dudes a dick.