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Nangalore was an old garden from long ago. Inside were many dangers, but also the rare Black Orchid, which the Tidtowne Terrors sought out to once again save the Great Leader of Tidtowne, Cheryl Meloncamp. It was constructed in the days of the Omu Empire, which reigned long before even House Vidalis, in the tenth year of the reign of Queen Zalcoré. The gardens were initially by Thiru-taya for Zalcoré, for he loved her, though it has since fallen into disrepair, as no one has performed any maintenance in some hundreds of years. It lay on the Oolung River, and was home to many, unnaturally growing exotic plants.



Entrance and Entry-Way Corridor

The entrance to Nangalore is quite ornate, a stairway flanked by two massive elephant carvings. Beyond that, a 100 ft long hallway leads to a the face of a stone-carved Tyrannosaurus Rex, water pouring from it's gaping mouth, down the hallway, and over the steps outside. Above the T-Rex head is a rundown brick dome, and running the length of the hallway are six (three on each side) terraces, housing archways that lead into tunnels, in various states of collapse. Between each arch are large stone faces (two on each side) all of Zalcoré, and above them are overgrown vegetation, with smaller bell-shaped domes. There were at one point two stairways that lead up to the upper levels, but the one of the left has collapsed due to time.

The first face on the left is that of a beautiful woman, looking bemused. Above it, is carved in the language of old Omuan, "This garden is dedicated to Zalcoré, Queen of Omu, and Jewel of Chult". The second face on the left is the same woman with a condescending look. The plaque reads "Worshipped by her people, and by Thiru-taya who loves betrayed her". The plaque at one point said "loves", but that was scratched out, and "betrayed" was written instead. On the right side, the first face has a stern expression, and the words "In this, the tenth year of her reign, may she govern forever in splendor". The final face, wearing a serene expression, reads "And may the gods themselves marvel at this humble reflection of her beauty".

The Inner Tunnels

Inside the tunnels are beautiful gardens, with small doll-like creatures that will, on occasion, bestow boons upon travelers. There is a message on the wall of one of these gardens that reads, "Without dreams, eternity is unbearable." All who breath the air here pass out and behave strangely. Another message in another garden reads "For the lies of a few, all must pay." There is also a mind altering spore here, but its effects are unknown.

The Large Dome

The large dome in the center was at one point covered in gold plaster, and traces of it remain to this day. It was made from bricks, which are beginning to fall through. Carved on the outside are large ornate elephant carvings. Inside the dome, an 18-ft tall stone statue of a Chultan warrior, Thiru-taya, though his face is destroyed, wearing splint armor, a Tyrannosaurus Rex toothed helm, and a leopard hide shield towers above the inner chamber. It holds a spear in one hand, and there is a clay urn before him. There is a smaller statue standing next to the larger statue. It is very life-like, and is in the shape of a man reaching for the urn, terror in his lifeless eyes, looking north. The ground hollows out to a wide, octagonal hole for collecting rainwater, and to the north of the chamber is a balcony overlooking a flooded garden. A curved, highly dilapidated staircase leads up, and a message can be seen on the ceiling above the stairs, reading "True love, faithful general, safe with you, safe will you rest, in Nangalore eternal. None will disturb you while I live. Such is my vow of penance, and for my sins, I cannot die." From this vantage, the words "FORGIVE ME" can be seen etched into the back of the giant statue. A harder to spot message carved into the floor next to the smaller statue says, "Once a thief, forever a slave." A path behind the large statue leads to the flooded garden, with an unusually clear pool of water, with sea life swimming inside. The bottom of the pool is covered in fish and frog shaped stones. A square dais raises from the center of the pool, and resting atop it are shards of broken stone, the remains of a sculpture from long ago. In the pool, just west of the dais, is a part of the statue, the stone face of Queen Zalcoré.

There are two more dome entrances here, one to the left and one to the right. The one on the right has a door that is the only one in the place up to this point that is still intact. Inside seems to be a royal apartment. A shattered glass mosaic on the wall, and broken, slanted tables made of enameled wood reveal the aged splendor of this place. In the center of the room, a large devon chair rests upon a circular dais, and it is upon this chair that Queen Zalcoré herself could be found. The mysterious Black Orchid grew next to this chair.