Old Ben Dilladong

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Old Ben Dilladong was a jovial and kindly giant-man who lived in the Feywild. His official job position was unknown, but he revealed that it was his duty to patrol the forest of the Feywild and make sure that everything was on the up-and-up. He was most notable for singing his thoughts in a deep and booming voice. He rescued The Tower of Grey from a team of Drow and then, after allowing him to rest in his home, escorted them to the edge of the dangerous forests. He taught them a song they could sing to beckon him back to them, should they ever need help (but only in that specific forest in the Feywild, it probably won't come up again, unfortunately).1


  • NPC
  • Race: Human? Giant? Fey of some kind
  • Class: Unknown
  • Age: Adult
  • Status: Alive
  • MISC Info:
    • Deep, booming voice.
    • Spoke Primarily in whimsical sing-song.
    • About 10 ft tall, with short legs and long arms.
    • Fought with a cudgel that doubled as a bong.
    • The greatest NPC Mr. DiMauro has ever created.1


"I'm Old Ben Dilladong, a merry fellow!"
I have a bright blue jacket, and my boots are yellow!"1

"Hey! Hop along my little friends, up the road ahead!"
"There's nothing left to fear from the spiders dead!"
"Ben is going off to lead you to his homely home!"
"First you shall have some rest before you're off to rome!"1

"Hey, come, darry-doll, hop along, my hearties!"
"Gnomes, and Elves, and Genasi, too, we all like to party!"
"Grab a tankard and have a drink, with ol' Dilladong!"
"If you prefer the Silverweed, my cudgel is also a bong!"1

"Silverberry is quite a beaut, but if she's covered in hair!"
"It helps that my great joy in life, is to fuck a bear!"1

"Old Ben Dilladong, he's a merry fellow!"
"We're in a lot of trouble, please come help us!"1
(... yeah, it kind of falls off here, huh?)