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Name: Orochi

Role: Villain

Appearance: Eight-headed dragon, big as seven hills, and all the heads breathe fire.

History: A storm god named Susanoo was expelled from heaven and while wandering the earth he met a weeping couple. They were crying because they originally had eight daughters, but had sent one every year to be sacrificed to Orochi and it was time to send their last daughter. Susanoo agreed to help them and turned the last daughter into a comb to hide her. Then got them to set up eight vats of eight times distilled sake and when Orochi arrived all eight heads drank the sake. Orochi got drunk and fell asleep and Susanoo cut him up with his sword. While cutting up Orochi, Susanoo's sword broke and he pulled a sacred sword from the body of Orochi. This was the Kusanagi Sword - one of the three imperial relics of Japan.

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