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Young Master Titus Harper

"I will always do good. No matter what. Alright? No matter what. Even if my stupid dad or sister or those dickheads... Always do good. No matter what. Come on. I'll be different than them." ~ Young Master Titus Harper

"If you can't beat their games, don't play. Alright? If you can't beat their games, don't play. If you can't beat their games, don't play." ~ Titus Harper to self


Episode 188 - A Dark Past Part 2


Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


  • Longcryer's Tower


Young Titus Harper hears Camille crying as he wakes, with more tattoo like burns on his body. Yes, he's summoned magic in the past, but electrifying Camille and burning down the library were flukes. He can't control these powers and he may die the next time. Feslan agrees that this is all too much and says they need to all get out of there. However it's Titus doesn't see how that's possible. His dad won't accept him back home if he's a failure. He's always been the black sheep in the family. Adira always made fun of him, Phaze never even talked to him, and Jarlton wasn't much better. Titus says he's worthless, and Longcryer knows everything. He'll know what they're planning, and Askur is pretty smart too. Camille tells him that he should be proud that he's nothing like any of them, and that she'll get the preparations started and all he needs to do is rest and heal for now.

That night, Titus dreams of visiting his father in his study, pleading to not be sent to another White Spire. However, no matter how he circles his father, his father's back is all he can see. Around and around, his father faces away from him. Titus grabs his shoulders to force him to look him eye to eye, but when he turns around, it's still the back of his head. Titus screams himself awake and sees that his sheets have been scorched and are smoking. He thinks that maybe they don't have to try to escape at all. Maybe he can just pass the tests. Titus is the only one that seems hopeful of that working. Another week goes by and Feslan still insists that they all have to leave, but between him and Camille, all they've really come up with is that biggest hurdle is that they have to get the keys from Askur. Camille has written multiple letters to her parents, but she hasn't gotten a response.

Askur walks in during their planning session, with another tray, holding another potion. Today is another training day, and it's Titus' turn. Titus refuses to drink and so Askur punches him in the face, sits on him, and force feeds him the potion then drags him to the antechamber as Titus yells out hollow threats. The threats are redirected to Longcryer, however Longcryer pulls out the letter signed by his father allowing Longcryer completely autonomy to do as he wished to Titus to get results. The letter, in combination with threats to Camille if he continues to disobey motivates Titus to once again attempt to magically destroy the target in the antechamber. In a desperate rage, Titus attacks the target, and perhaps there's a little smoke. But it's not enough, and Longcryer stays another training session is in order. This time, it's a duel with Askur. An unfair duel where Askur's quarterstaff continues to connect blow after blow, while the two fighting sticks that Titus has chosen harmless pass through the dwarf. An energy builds up with Titus and he tosses his weapons to the ground, and Titus releases a blast of lightning before he blacks out .

Titus wakes up with a note on his chest saying he's found a way out and this is good-bye, however a crying Camille tells him that rumors among the servants are that he was caught and is being held prisoner. Titus almost gives in to despair, but clings to the last bit of hope. They have to find and rescue Fes, and he can lead them all out of there. Titus drinks a healing potion from Camille only after she confirms her identity. He becomes aware of a power within him and he's able to summon fire, acid, lighting, wind, and more. His excitement is dampened when Camille shows him his reflection to show what's been done to him. Titus then wraps a sheet around himself, confident that it is enough to disguise himself, however Camille makes sure to lead him down rarely used corridors. The pair avoid detection and find Fes, however he isn't himself. Any impulse to escape has left him and so Titus tries to slap some sense into him and instead knocks him unconscious. Titus and Camille pick up his unconscious body, but as they go for the door, Longcryer appears and the two are paralyzed at the snap of his fingers. Titus is carried back to his room, another potion is forced down his throat, and he passes out once more.

The next time Titus wakes up, he sets a trap intended for Askur but instead surprises a serving woman bringing him dinner, and Titus just runs for the exit but is tackled by Askur before making it out. He's dragged to the antechamber. Through the tiny window looking into training room, he can see Fes next to the same quarterstaff that Askur used against him. Titus opens the door to the training room and throws the hay bale target through it and successfully sets it on fire. He steps into the room and calls out to Longcryer in triumph. Longcryer congratulates him for completing the first test. The second test is that only one of them, Fes or Titus, can leave the room. Fes immediately charges and attacks, while Titus only fights defensively. But as the fight goes on, he once again feels a power welling up inside of him. His warnings fall on deaf ears and Titus can feel the power exploding from him as he blacks out.

This time he wakes already in the antechamber. He hears crying coming from the training room and looks through the tiny window in the door and sees Camille kneeling down next to a quarterstaff. He also hears the heavy footsteps of Askur approaching the door, and Titus immediately runs for the target, lights it on fire

wake up.door. fire. heat door knob. chair for weapons. corner. hours. 4. woman screams. servant. burned hand. wind. sorry. opens. dinner. crying. hit in head. falls into pile food run. headed out door when gets tackled by Askur. Antechamber. hear muttering. takes targhet and throws into training room and burns it. i did it walks in. door slams. You've solved the first test. only one of you may leave this room. warning shots. grabs shield. feels reserve bubbling up. passes out.

wake up in room. feels camille talking to him. Camille is beat up. no time. found wat out. keys tonight. wake up. in antechamber. target. locked doors. hear crying from training room. see camille with quarterstaff next to her. heavy footsteps. light target on fire, throw bale on who comes through. jump on askur and eletricity, roll 8. room melts, already in training room. camille. no no its no. its askur. ita askur. she screams. burns. wind, water, thaumayurghy, presyidigitation. its okay. you have to hgey ouy. harper tries to walk out. askur in ante chamber. laugh. why I think you passed the final test kid. harper just sits down in yhe antechamber staring waiting.


  • Titus has only cast lightning three times before coming to the tower. Once to hurt Camille by accident, another time against someone who was trying to kill him, and a third time.
  • Titus had a secret pet chicken named Mr. Thumbles that only he and Camille knew about.
  • Harper's dark past was supposed to be that on his birthday, his dad forgot his birthday

Inventory Updates

  • -1 Camille Fordane from the party

Quest Log Updates

  • [Complete] - Survive


  • Recap
    • Carly - No roll. Guest goes.

  • Young Master Titus Harper
  • Young Master Titus Harper rolls to destroy target while calling himself useless
    • 19 - Very good Titus, I see a little smoke there. Maybe a few more training sessions and you'll have it.

  • DM rolls to see if Titus succeeds before passing out.
    • (?) - Lightning blasts him in the chest. Before blacking out he sees Askur turn into Longcryer.

  • Young Master Titus Harper - Performance Check (assumed) to see if shawl properly disguises him when going through servants' quarters.
    • 7 - Very good Titus, I see a little smoke there. Maybe a few more training sessions and you'll have it.

  • DM rolls to see if Titus and Camille can find a room to hide in.
    • (?) - Find a room and the steps go by.

  • Young Master Titus Harper - Arcana Check to see if Fes is under a spell.
    • 14 - He thinks Fes might be under a spell, but he's also 13.

  • Young Master Titus Harper - Insight Check to see if Fes is holding anything back.
    • 17 - He thinks Fes is being straight with him.

  • Young Master Titus Harper - Bluff Check to convince Fes he wants to do some extra training outside.
    • 18 - Titus you better get back to your room before they find you out.

  • Young Master Titus Harper rolls to call upon latent magical energies to break paralysis.
    • 13 - Nope. Askur takes him back to bed.

  • Young Master Titus Harper rolls to open the door with fire.
    • 7 - Seems to be fire retardant.

  • Young Master Titus Harper - Perception Check to identify muttering from training room.
    • Nat20 - Believes Fes is in the training room. Holding same quarter staff that Askur was holding.