Prologue One

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Episode Stats

Prologue One

Air Date: 10/30/18

Length: 30:03

From the Website

Welcome to Cthulhu & Friends or as we like to call it…Bird World.

In this episode and in future prologue episodes, we introduce you to our new characters: Bellamy, Edward, Clara, and Todd.

This episode was produced and edited by Hiroshi, and the opening and closing theme was created by Rob Anderson.

Cthulhu & Friends would like to thank the following folks for lending their wonderful voices to this production:

Kara was voiced by Kaethe, find them @Crow_toes

The Bus Driver was voiced by Cody, find him @CodeDude3

Mrs. Emerson was voiced by Ray, find her @MrUnLadyLike

Tower 1 was voiced Ariel, find her @ShoutingTitan

The nurse was voiced by Kelly, find her @MightBeKelly

Leo was voiced by Keiran, find him @MrK_bennett

Man 1 and the overhead speaker nurse were voiced by Rob, and you can find him @PotentiallyRob

This episode was written by Staci, Fred, Mike, Steph, and Veronica.

As always, you can follow the show @CaFPodcast.

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Cthulhu & Friends is an actual play of the Trail of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game but we still homebrewed some rules. Tell your friends!

Episode Synopsis

Bellamy returns home and discovers the foster home burnt down and Kara is dead. In her despair, she finds herself under water. There is a man under water with her who tells her she is in between sleep and death. He rescues her but tells her she won't remember any of this. She washes up on shore during a storm. Edward is a lifeguard and gets sent out to sweep the beach during the storm. He finds Bellamy unconscious and is able to revive her. She sees the man who rescued her, and Edward sends her to get help while he checks on the man. Bellamy runs into Clara on the beach, and Clara loans her a blanket before running to see if she can help Edward. Edward is performing CPR. Meanwhile, Todd is getting ready to do some fishing. He hears the commotion on the beach and decides to be a hero and "borrow" a 4-wheeler to race in to help. The man Edward and Clara are performing CPR on revives, just as Todd crashes and brakes his ankle. Bellamy returns with help.

Todd wakes up in the hospital along with the man from the beach, Darius. The nurse asks Darius for his last name and he makes up the name Hemsley. Edward, Bellamy, and Clara come to visit them in the hospital but they're resting so the three of them go to get some food at the Divine Bovine. Clara realizes Edward is actually Edward Worthington III. His family owns the resort nearby. They order some extra burgers from Leo and take it back with them to the hospital for Todd and Darius. On the way they tell Bellamy about Northview University, and the nearby island of St Paxton. Nobody has ever lived on St Paxton.

The group all agrees that they're happy they found each other, and they convince Bellamy to enroll at Northview U along with them. Todd asks them if they've ever played Dungeons & Dragons.

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