Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 13

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Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 13

Right there! Don’t you see it? That eerie glow coming out of that there church! Couldn’t pay a simple Horsk Guard like me to enter that place, no sirree. Hey, there are those green blooded adventurers, let’s convince them to do it. I guess just pay them in…mushroom power bars or something I don’t know. Maybe they will distract the dead and Father Brioh long enough for us to save our skins.

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The Daring Dragoons are still in the midst of the assault on Horsk. They turn toward the church, which they have continually been pushed toward. At it's top is an eerie green glow, and Sig tells them that that is where Father Breio is controlling the army of the dead from. Creatures pour from the open door in the front, and there are undead "howlers" watching the perimeter, so they haven't been able to sneak in. Zin speaks to his goddess Tatiana, and asks if he can use his Invisibility spell to help sneak them in, but she tells him that he could only use it on one person. He ends up doing it on himself, as Val uses Prestidigitation to create music to distract the howlers. Despite a close call, they are able to make it to the church, and look through the window.

No surprise, but it's full of zombies. The party begins planning to climb up to the roof, to avoid the undead horde inside, but Smash Leroy Jenkins's his way through the front door, forcing the others to follow. Isaac has the idea for them to run to the stairs and bar the door, to avoid having to fight, which they do. Unfortunately, the door is locked, and Smash Smashes it open, leaving them vulnerable. So they have to move fast as they inspect the room. Inside, they find Father Breio, surrounded by a forcefield, and chanting. Covering the wall in a strange language (that Zin can understand for some reason) is text that explains why Breio is doing this. Seems his son died, and he was promised that if Breio killed for him (by releasing the zombies), he would be given his son back. Isaac begins using his Sacred Flame on the forcefield, while Smash uses his Sacred Smash on it. It begins to crack, which distracts Breio from his chanting, so they can communicate with him.

Unfortunately, he isn't very receptive to their attempts at reaching him. He does let slip that "The Dark One" wanted him to lure the Daring Dragoons there and make them look like idiots. Eventually, Zin is able to charm the man, and convince him that if he dismisses all the zombies, and stops the killing, Zin will help bring his son back. And it works! The sounds outside stop and the forcefield goes away! As Breio leads them out of the room to find his son's body, Zin motions for the others to knock him out, which Smash does. And the day is saved!


  • Zin can speak any language
  • The Dark One seems to be female. I don't remember if we knew this or not
  • Jennifer Cheek makes an appearance

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  • Recap
    • Matthew - 19 - roll-off - 19
    • Courtney - 6
    • Josh - 7
    • Matt - 19 - roll-off - 7
    • Nika - doesn't roll?