Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 14

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Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 14

Cast and Player Characters

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Long Story

Sig and Leon thank the Daring dragoons for saving the town of Horsk. They want to hang Father Breio, but Isaac insists on bringing him back to Norhall. The party is then joined and congratulated by Mayor Corduroy Denims, who tells them how Breio's son died: He was playing in a nearby mill, when he fell down and broke many bones. He was taken to a woods witch named Bragath Warfang, a half orc, but she was unable to save him, and he died. It's a sad story, but the good news is that the town is saved! There's a grand celebration, and the Daring Dragoons sleep the night away. Val accidentally sleeps through her watch, and so doesn't wake up the next person, so they all sleep through it. No real consequences, though.

The next morning, Norhallian soldiers finally arrive to help in the battle. Too little, too late, my dudes. Oh well, new mission, escort the Daring Dragoons back to the school. These guards are the Greenbeards, a special military team of Norhall, and they are led by Geindul, a Dwarf with long brown braided hair, red and green scale mail, and a green braid layed around his shoulders. He wants to head out, but Corduroy Denims interrupts to thank them again. He allows them to take the prisoners back to Norhall, and rescinds his prejudice against the school admitting they aren't that bad. He also gives them a scroll for Lady Silver, an official thanks. Then, he pulls them aside for a secret convo. That's short for conversation, you know. He asks them to put in a good word with Lady Silver, and wants them to ask if Norhall could lower their rates for helping Horsk in the future. And gives them a sack of money (300 gold) as thanks. Bek feels uneasy about this, whispering to the others that it's suspicious. Val agrees, thinking it's some kind of cover-up. The group sends Geindul away, wanting to stay and investigate Horsk.

They ask Mayor Denims about the money which he claims is like a reward for them, a thanks for saving them. He stresses that he wants it to be kept secret. The next thing they ask about is The Vorgias. Seems that they came to Horsk to investigate the Vambrace Family, which that vampire, Layla Vambrace from Episode 8 was a member of. A long time ago, he explains, the Vambraces were into some dark things, and that made them pretty unpopular around town. Eventually, the party leaves, leaving the money behind, though Bek, the last one in the room, takes it on her way out.

The party's next stop is to the woods witch, Bragath Warfang, terrifying and gross-looking. They glean little from this conversation, other than that Warfang agrees that Breio's son's death was suspicious. Outside, the sounds of the Dwarves getting ready to leave signal to the Dragoons that it is time to leave. And so, waving goodbye to Sig and Leon, out heroes finally depart the town of Horsk, once and for all.


Mayor Denims attempts to bribe the Daring Dragoons, secretly. He wants them to help him out in the future. They refuse the money, except for Bek, who takes it. They also talk to the woods witch Bragath Warfang, who failed to save Breio's son previously, leading to the father's desperation now. They learn the death was suspicious. Then they leave Horsk.


  • Nika asks about Jessga, last seen disappearing into the forest when they got split up
  • About 100 people from Horsk died
  • Tim gives the team a B for their efforts at Norhall
  • Father Breio's first name is Bill. Bill Breio.

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Nika - 13
    • Courtney - 6
    • Matt - 6
    • Josh - 18
    • Matthew - 12