Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 19

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"Don't take advantage of me. This is the overaching rule of this campaign: Don't take advantage of me. I've said it from the beginning, and here we are." ~ Tim


Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 19

Our fun loving friends are embarking on a much needed round of Carnival based levity. Sure, things are still a little weird, and yes, they are drinking, but I am sure that their weary heart and bones will be much renewed by today’s festivities. Hopefully no one does anything too…spooky…to them and throws the whole thing off…I am sure that will not happen.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Wayt Vo'har-Sareen approaches Bek as she practices archery, to tell her that she's drawing unnecessary attention to herself back home in the Underdark. Bek is, unsurprising, cold to him, because he's a dick. He does apologize for his behavior, though.

There's a pre-Harvest Festival celebration going on in the town below. Lady Silver gives them all the afternoon off to enjoy the festivities, after the Daring Dragoons helps set up. Down in the town, the streets are brimming with excitement and people. There's a booth for the Hearthglenn Meadery, and Barv Thistlebrand, the Cheese Man is there. They run into Meera Hearthglenn, who's mad at them for causing Gurd to run off. They also get to meet Meera's mother, who's nice.

They decide to head to a local woods witch, and while there, something weird happens to Smash. While playing "Edward Forty-Hands", he sees a young girl with a pained look on her face. His big toe begins to itch, and the colors begin to change. Then, things go back to normal. Strange. The witch reads everyone's tea leaves:

  • Val: She should expect a great surprise, and also the fate of someone who will disappoint her is up in the air.
  • The Boys: One road has great sadness with happiness, the other is great happiness with an unknown sadness.
  • Bek: There is a great darkness ahead for her.

They buy a charm that wards off ancient darkness, and another that lets them reroll a damage die. Zin remembers that the Society of Grave Arcane Secrets is planning a sort of Devil's Night thing soon, which is weighing on Zin, and the witch gives him some words of advice: He must balance his desire to be cool and accepted, with his desire to fit in with his true friends. And also, that Val will win a great victory, but the others would "spit on it", literally. She ALSO gives him two re-roll charms, two ward off evil charms, and one that lets his brain work faster when he needs to make an urgent decision.


  • Everyone (or perhaps just Zin) has a bushel of apples
  • Lady Silver is a fan of Hearthglenn Mead
  • Zin is Vegan
  • Isaac doesn't hold his alcohol very well
  • Courtney gets inspiration for snitching to Tim about their inebriation penalty
    • Nika gets inspiration for something she did in a previous episode that she didn't get at the time
      • Everyone else gets inspiration, too

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • No roll - Josh does it