Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 21

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"I don't know if Nika is gone. She might be here. Who's to say? Let's find out: Axon is ugly... Deva is bad. May is good... All right, I think she's gone." ~ Tim Lanning


Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 21

These powerful youths take on yet another challenge – the dreaded slightly awkward party. Plus it is getting real late in the evening and folks’s patience is running a little low. I am sure that won’t cause any issues.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



It's the day before the Harvest Festival, and in the Town of Norhall, a large, pre-Festival celebration is going on. The "Yes! You Can Eat That!" professor, Arthur Trunchhound, invites the Dragoons up to an class party he's hosting, Slughorn style, and we also get to meet Isalza and Thalbien, who encourage them to go. The Dragoons decide to do so, and head there immediately.

There are a number of people at this party, including Nesma, Lilly and Billy, all the Greybeards (Theodric, Brunhilda, Bjorn von Isbach), Norn Goodshield, Billy Swigwater (Adventuring 101 professor), Big Humbert Honkus, Teddy Yudain, Jesse of Carlstown, and a "young-ish looking Greybeard". Val attempts to flirt with Teddy Yudain to make Isaac jealous, but Isaac doesn't notice. Teddy does ask her to the dance tomorrow, however, and she accepts. Bek is approached by Wayt Vo'har-Sareen, who warns her not to go to the dance with Zin, but Big Humbert Honkus instead. And this is what finally clues Bek into the fact that Zin has the crush onto her. Seeing Bek bothered, Zin scares Wayt off with his Fey Presence. Norn Goodshield leaves with "a certain Elven woman"...

The party at its end, everyone leaves and returns to their dorms. Bek and Val talk about how stupid boys are (accurate), before Bek passes out. And the next morning, everyone wakes up to find that, finally, after all this time, it's the day of the Harvest Festival Dance! 2 invitations are stuck to the door. Teddy Yudain has requested that Val meet him in the gardens, while Big Humbert Honkus asked Bek to meet in the archery range. The groups goes their seperate ways, with Zin heading to his friends at the Society of Grave Arcane Secrets. There, Lilly and Billy hand him a "modified apple", instructing him to chuck it at whomever is crowned as Harvest King/Queen.

Bek meets with BHH, who gives her a gift of a coiled chain with black and grey links, that he made himself. At first awkward, the two begin to warm up to each other. Meanwhile, Val meets with Teddy, who giver her a tulip. Also, Smash chooses a headdress with the help of Isaac.

Everyone assembles in the dance hall. In the center is a stage with that "certain Elven woman" Norn was talking to, some Halfling, and Lady Silver, who announces that the Harvest Festival has officially begun!


  • Tim mentions people listening intently and keeping track of the things everyone says, to see if it lines up. *wink*
  • Smash ate all those roasted almonds
  • Smash is Arthur Trunchhound's star pupil, because he will eat anything
  • Teddy Yudain is now a guard at Norhall
    • He is very fit, and has a lilly tattooed on his chest
      • His grandmother's name is Lilly, it's his favorite flower
  • BHH comes from a broken home
  • Wayt has white hair
  • There was a Punch Club event that they couldn't remember if it was the day of, or the day before the dance. They, today, decided that it was the day before, so it already happened
  • Meera Hearthglenn is at the Harvest Fest
  • We learn in the next episode that the Halfling's name is Yonbroos
    • We learn in the episode after that that the Elven woman's name is May Hackerling, and she's the mayor of Norhall

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim rolls - Matthew