Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 25

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"Guys, I'm sorry I ever thought Lilly and Billy were cool." ~ Zin Siannodel


Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 25

Man, another episode of Norhall. What do the crazy kids get up to this episode? It is scientifically impossible for me to say, so you will just have to listen to find out yourself!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Following the death of The Stone Warden, the school seems to be a darker, dismaller place. The Daring Dragoons wander through the school in search of Lady Silver. They remember she mentioned going to the city to help people there, so they head down the mountain and into The Town of Norhall. On the way, they run into Yvonne, frozen in place. There are other bodies, too, all petrified. A weird, shimmering glow forms a bubble around them, and when Isaac pokes it with his mace, it gets stuck there. The party is able to circumvent this bubble by scaling a nearby wall and climbing over it.

More chaos. Lilly and Billy cower behind a fruit cart, along with Amber Reeve, who's wounded. She explains that Valoshay was charmed and turned on them. The "time bubble" was made by these guys, the Norhallers, but Yvonne accidentally got trapped in it. The Dragoons move on ahead. They find Valoshay, either dead or unconscious, in the middle of a battlefield, surrounded by other bodies. Jesse of Carlstown, and Nesma are dead, (Jesse's head is cut off), and Big Humbert Honkus is wounded, but alive.

Then, a ring wraith-looking woman appears and reanimates Nesma, Jesse of Carlstown, and Valoshay's bodies to fight against them...


  • The giant werewolf from last episode was named "Argburuch" (???)
  • Bek's name is spelled Bek, which I did not know until just now. So I will go back and change it. If you are reading this in the future, I've already gone back and changed it, so this is weird and confusing for you, so let me clear things up: up until this point, I was spelling it "Beck", and I had no idea that that was incorrect. In this episode, they reveal that it's Bek. So I changed it across the whole site. So it no longer says that. As you were...
  • Bek gains inspiration for kissing a picture of Doug the Dark Elf
  • Val gains inspiration, but she gets some from grabbing Isaac's hand forcefully in front of some mean girls
  • Also, they can now have more than one, but no more than 3, inspiration, and they're all going to keep track of their own
  • The "Fun with Potions" professor is a Tiefling named Damantha Forill
  • It is unknown if Doug the Dark Elf is currently alive in Drunkeros

Quest Log Updates


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    • Tim rolls - Matt