Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 27

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"Roll for boner!" ~ Nika Howard


Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 27

After the gang catches their breath from the previous night’s battle it is time to face the music. Not the beautiful music Val plays, no, the music of the reality that is their situation. They have chosen to leave Norhall behind in hopes of saving the land from evil forces!

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The party sleeps for the night in a "band-stand", with the intention of returning to Norhall Academy first thing in the morning. They want to get their stuff from their dorm, but more importantly, they want to snatch the body of Prime, who's currently residing in the hospital wing. Vance suggests that they leave Prime, as it's unlikely anything bad will happen to him, but the others are reluctant to leave him behind.

When they do get to the school, they see that there has been a significant increase in security. They are able to use their notariety to get in, and are told that there is a school assembly, that the Dragoons have been specifically requested to attend. As they gather their things from the dorm, they are met by Norn Goodshield, who begins to cry over the loss of his lover, May Hackerling. Smash attempts to silence him, but fails, and instead runs out of the room. He makes a gauntlet-style escape attempt, running past bewildered guards, and getting tackled in the process, before eventually giving up and returning inside.

Meanwhile, Amber Reeve stops by to escort them to the assembly. At this point, Isaac emerges from his room to revealed that he's shaved off all his hair! He casts Hold Person on Amber Reeve, and they are able to tie her up. But now what? They are up the mountain, but not too high up that they could climb down through a window. That's when Zin remembers that he can turn people invisible! Isaac picks up Val, while Bek picks up Zin, and Zin turns them all invisible.

Also, Isaac and Val confirm that they are finally together! Hurray!


  • There's a tiny little washroom with a water basin and a mirror in the Daring Dragoons' Dorm
  • Amber Reeve has a crush on Smash. I don't remember if we knew that or not
  • The Daring Dragoons' dorm is on the 2nd floor of the school
  • Zin and Smash are both 5' 10"
    • Smash is 165 lbs
    • Zin is 135 lbs

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • No Roll - Everyone does it