Random Encounters: Sailor Moon Episode 2

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Episode Stats

Episode Number: 2

Title: Sailor Moon Episode 2

Air Date: 8/7/2015

Length: 1 hour 16 minutes

Previous Episode: Episode 1 - Sailor Moon Edition

Next Episode: Episode 3 - Sailor Moon Episode 3

From the Website

Sailor Moon has returned, no small part in thanks to you amazing people out there! We’re really sorry for taking so long, but unfortunately real life got in the way of us pretending to be magical high schoolers.

Join GM Steph Kingston, Sailor Bear (Dave Rollins), Sailor Rainbow (Christina Ladd), and Sailor Sunshine (Sam Brady) this episode as they try to manage their lives as soldiers of justice while also working together to get Sailor Bear some action.

Outtro music by panerfan on youtube.

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Episode Summary

The episode opens on Jaedite studying pictures of the Sailor Scouts in the Sailor outfits fighting monsters and saving people - as he focuses on one person in parricular: Yuki. He then looks to a large book on the table with a painting of an eight-headed dragon.

Sailor Bear wakes up to a text message from Hideo inviting him over after school to listen to music, to which Sailor Bear responds 'yes'.

The Sailor Scouts meet before school and their friend, Yuki, has tickets to an exclusive make-up sale that evening. Despite Sailor Sunshine's fear of the dark, they all agree to go.

After school, Sailor Bear meets up with Hideo as the other Sailor Scouts see him off. The two boys go over to Hideo's family's apartment. His kind mother greets them as they come in, thanking Sailor Bear for helping her son with his studies. They go into Hideo's room and Hideo relays his strange experience from the solar eclipse festival to Sailor Bear. He then plays a song he wrote about Sailor Bear - unaware that he is playing it to the actual Sailor Bear. Sailor Bear uses this opportunity to encourage Hideo to seek out and thank Sailor Bear in person.

That evening, the Sailor Scouts meet Yuki outside the make-up store amidst a gaggle of excited girls waiting for the sale to start. They are all let in as Sailor Bear relays the story of his afternoon with Hideo. A sales associate offers Yuki a free makeover, but as she settles in to get the makeover the shutters to the store shut and the lights go out. When the lights come back on, they cast a purplish light. Jiro/Jadeite appears and Yuki is strapped into the make-up chair. The evening is a trap to coerce the Sailor Scouts to reveal themselves in order to save Yuki. The sales associates are ensconced in a purple light and transform into monsters that begin to drain the customer's energy with the make-up products.

Sailor Rainbow attempts to duck out of sight, but manages to knock over a make-up display atop herself in the process. Sailor Sunshine doesn't even try to hide and transforms in front of Jadeite, threatening him. Sailor Bear also does away with pretense and transforms. Covered in make-up and squatting behind a make-up counter, Sailor Rainbow finally transforms. Combat ensues, but Jadeite quickly flees now that he knows the true identity of the Sailor Scouts. The Sailor Scouts are left to fight the monsters.

The Sailor Scouts destroy the monsters and free Yuki. As Sailor Bear carries Yuki home, the Sailor Scouts take a picture of him and send it to Hideo.

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