Random Encounters: Sailor Moon Episode 3

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Episode Stats

Episode Number: 3

Title: Sailor Moon Episode 3

Air Date: 9/24/2015

Length: 1 hour 28 minutes

Previous Episode: Episode 2 - Sailor Moon Episode 2

Next Episode: Episode 4 - Sailor Moon Episode 4

From the Website

Trouble is brewing in Juuban district listeners, and not just because every civilian has crippling face blindness and amnesia. This episode features our Senshi in the most unlikely situation imaginable: the library. Hilarity and book castles ensue.

Join GM Steph Kingston, Sailor Bear (Dave Rollins), Sailor Rainbow (Christina Ladd), and Sailor Sunshine (Sam Brady) this episode as they figure out how to discuss the word “pasta.” And fight evil. But mostly that first bit.

Outtro music by panerfan on youtube.

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Episode Summary

The episode opens a couple days after the make-up store incident. Sailor Sunshine wakes up to have a delicious breakfast with her mother, prepared by her grandmother. Her mother tells Sailor Sunshine that if she doesn't improve her grades on an upcoming history test they're going to move her to a private school in Osaka.

The Sailor Scouts meet up just before school. Yuki joins them on the way to Ron Sensei's English class - she remembers nothing of the make-up incident. The next class is history with a nameless teacher where they review for the following week's test. Sailor Sunshine senses that Sailor Rainbow is feeling tense, so she uses magic to fill her with confidence. Sailor Rainbow's feeling of confidence is fleeting as she realizes that it's false confidence and only adds to her concerns.

At lunch, they eat in the cafeteria. It's obvious that something is wrong with Sailor Rainbow. Not knowing exactly what is wrong, Sailor Sunshine is already looking for ways to help Sailor Rainbow with the history test. Yuki invites them to join her at the library.

The rest of the day passes and the Sailor Scouts go to the library with Yuki, except Sailor Rainbow. She's already trudging home with every history book from the school's library (and some Inuyasha manga). Sailor Sunshine is trying to create a study parcel for Sailor Rainbow and making it very sparkly. Sailor Titan naps and Sailor Bear plays Pokemon. Yuki spots Jiro in the library. Sailor Sunshine sends Yuki home, asking her to bring a message to Sailor Rainbow. Sailor Sunshine texts Sailor Rainbow four emojis: glasses, frowny face, ghost, scared face. It takes her a little bit to figure out the message, and is torn about whether or not she should go. Then she runs to the library.

Sailor Titan spies on Jiro in the folklore section and reports back to the others. The three try to decide what to do next.

Sailor Sunshine goes down the aisle, muttering to herself "I wish I knew where to buy a good pair of sunglasses." Jiro doesn't respond as he reads a book on Japanese folklore. As Sailor Sunshine leaves the aisle, Jiro puts back the book he's reading and walks away in the opposite direction.

Sailor Rainbow arrives at the library and transforms in the bushes outside. She sees Sailor Titan's owl Lotay in the bushes. Sailor Rainbow busts into the library and everyone stares at her and she realizes that the other Sailor Scouts haven't transformed yet. Lotay comes to her rescue by flying into the library and surprising everyone that there's an owl in the library. Sailor Rainbow ducks behind the librarian's desk.

Sailor Titan, seeing Sailor Rainbow, transforms which leads to Sailor Sunshine transforming. Sailor Bear follow suit and transforms as well from behind his big stack of books that he was hiding behind to play Pokemon. In the chaos, people are fleeing the library. Lotay tells the Sailor Scouts that he spots Jiro in the computer room.

They ambush Jiro in the computer room where he's making copies. The copies turn into monsters and combat ensues. The Sailor Scouts defeat the monsters. Jiro/Jadeite says they'll never stop him from raising Orochi before he teleports away. The Sailor Scouts are left puzzling over what the name "Orochi" means.

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