Random Encounters: Sailor Moon Episode 4

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Episode Stats

Episode Number: 4

Title: Sailor Moon Episode 4

Air Date: 10/27/2015

Length: 1 hour 16 minutes

Previous Episode: Episode 3 - Sailor Moon Episode 3

Next Episode: Episode 5 - Hallway of Terror! We're Titling These Now!

From the Website

This weekmonth on Sailor Moon we…hold on. Anyways there’s a new game out and…hold on. Ayaka is still really…hold on. And Sailor Bear almost…hold on.

Hold on…

Hold on…


5 more minutes guys…

Join GM Steph Kingston, Sailor Bear (Dave Rollins), Sailor Rainbow (Christina Ladd), and Sailor Sunshine (Sam Brady) this episode as they…hold on.

Outtro music by panerfan on youtube.

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Episode Summary

Sailor Sunshine is at home on a Friday night and gets invites from a bunch of her friends to play a new game: Crystal Crush. Her fondness for Candy Crush makes this game right up her alley, but there's something about this game that is much more addictive. She falls asleep playing the game.

She wakes up the next morning to angry texts from her friends because she is late for a Sailor Scout team meeting. They meet at an owl cafe in Tokyo with Lotay. Sailor Sunshine tries to interest the other Sailor Scouts in the game, but Sailor Rainbow is anxious about her upcoming test.

Lotay has been doing research on Orochi and has information for them. Orochi is an eight-headed dragon from mythology and Lotay tells them the story and he's worried that it is more than a legend. He's worried that Jiro/Jadeite is using his energy to summon Orochi.

The Sailor Scouts are not necessarily as concerned and are more upset by the parents in the story than the potential threat. They feel that there's more than enough sake in the country for this to be a threat. Lotay tries to tell them he thinks they can prevent it, but he doesn't know how.

The meeting is interrupted by a large crashing noise outside. Two cars have crashed, but no one seems to have noticed. Even the people in the cars don't seem to have noticed. Everyone is on their phones. The Sailor Scouts also realize they haven't gotten their cafe order yet, which is when they realize that the staff are all playing Crystal Crush as well. Lotay points out that this is mysterious.

Sailor Rainbow and Sailor Sunshine argue over downloading the game on her phone and her studying. Sailor Sunshine gets super upset, but still hasn't told her friends what may happen if she fails the test.

Sailor Titan takes a look at the game and finds it is made by a company named NDK Industries. She asks Lotay if she knows the company, and he suggests that she google it herself. It is a tech company located in Tokyo, but it only seems to have the one game: Crystal Crush. Sailor Titan suggests going to the NDK Industries building. Sailor Rainbow has to actively resist playing the game in order to help the other Sailor Scouts.

Lotay provides the Sailor Scouts with a tracker to put into the NDK Industries building for him to monitor the building.

They arrive at NDK Industries, but it is heavily secured. There are two guards on the door - neither or which are on the phones - and there is an electronic lock on the door. Sailor Titan tries to talk her way into the building, asking for a tour, but it fails. Then she takes Sailor Bear's phone and tries to distract the guard with the game. When that doesn't work, she tries to push her way in.

Sailor Sunshine transforms into a police officer and the guard ask her to take away the youths. Sailor Titan continues to intimidate the guards, but it doesn't work. They regroup and little further away and transform.

They ask for Lotay to scout the building for them to enter. He finds a backdoor that is not guarded, but has an electronic lock. Sailor Bear charges the door and fails to break the door because he's too disoriented from playing the game. Sailor Titan uses "Weight of the World" force powers to force the door open.

They enter the building and it looks like a normal office building. The follow the directory to the mainframe where they run into a security guard. A struggle ensues and Sailor Bear accidentally crushes the guard's head a little bit. In an effort to get him medical attention, Sailor Sunshine takes the guard back outside to the street to try and get him help. She's stopped by the guards and that's when she realized they are from the Negaverse and don't have souls. She feels and they pursue her.

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