Rick the Beholder

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Rick the Beholder
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Alias(es): Infernal Rick
Race: Beholder
Class: unknown
Status: Alive/Captured
Cause of Death:
Captured by Akkiooooooo into Skud's Bone card deck
Affiliations: Fort Swass
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 346 - A Beholder's Bar
Last Episode: Episode 346 - A Beholder's Bar
MISC Info:

Rick the Beholder was a Beholder from Minaros who was an enemy of Kate Aurochs. This was because we would frequently kidnap innocent people from the Prime Material Plane, and recruiting them into the task of gathering materials to prop the city of Fort Swass up. So effective was this endeavor, the city began expanding, encroaching on Aurochs's territory. She wanted him destroyed. To that end, she recruited The Tower of Grey to seek out and defeat him. This was convenient, as they needed to find and capture a powerful evil creature for use in their game of Bones.

He was a compulsive gambler.