Rowan Gray

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Rowan by @Floyd_jpg

Rowan Gray is a Half-Elf (Half-Human) played by Jennifer Cheek. She was first introduced in Episode 234 - A Vampire Friend. Rowan is the bastard daughter of King Theonjon Dayne, and half-sister to later Queen Ashayara Dayne. She doesn't care for religion and gods, she's just here to fight monsters and have a good time. Loves nature. Doesn't have time for people or things that bore her.



Unknown, all we know is that she is the bastard daughter of Theonjon Dayne, and the half-sister to Ashayara Dayne. She decided to run off to be an adventurer in part because Ashayara Dayne would constantly ask her to babysit her and Harper's many children.


  • Has a feat that allows her to make long ranged attacks without disadvantage.
  • Undead are her favored enemies.
  • She is sometimes not entirely social aware of her place, insinuating herself into situations she may not be as welcome in as she thinks.



Tall, thin, freckles, kind of curly short hair, tan skin, and wears leather. Also, khaki cargo pants. Has the pointy ear of an Elf.

Looks like the love child of Amanda from Dream Daddy, Haruka from Sailor Moon, and Victor from Yuri on Ice.