Sailor Moon 13 "Snakes, Sandstorms, Nazis! Oh My!"

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Episode Stats

Episode Number: 13

Title: Snakes, Sandstorms, Nazis! Oh My!!

Air Date: 4/20/2017

Length: 1 hour 45 minutes

Previous Episode: Episode 12 - In the Jungle! The Mighty Jungle! Sailor Bear Swoops Tonight!

Next Episode: Episode 14 - Romance, Music and Mystery! The Roller Rink Awaits!

From the Website

The Senshi figure out how to get from the Amazon to Egypt, where they attempt to recover the second Sun Kingdom artifact. Results are mixed.

Sorry no extra effects on this one.

Your GM is Steph Kingston (@StephOKingston) and your senshi are Dave Rollins (@DaveRollinsArt), Christina Ladd (@OLaddieGirl), Sam Brady (@creeptasticsam), and Carly Shields (@Animat3dm3)

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Episode Summary

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