Sailor Moon 5 "Hallway of Terror! We're Titling These Now!"

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Episode Stats

Episode Number: 5

Title: Hallway of Terror! We're Titling These Now!

Air Date: 11/25/2015

Length: 1 hour 32 minutes

Previous Episode: Episode 4 - Sailor Moon Episode 4

Next Episode: Episode 6 - The Death of Hideo? A Beautiful Man Boat!

From the Website

This time on Sailor Moon the gang has a heck of a time landing any damn hits on these monsters, and actually take damage for once. Also we decide to start titling the episodes, but we’re pretty bad at it. We also discuss our plans for Sailor Moon-ing at GeeklyCon 2016 in Portland! Will the Senshi stop the evil game from taking over the minds of the world? Will Sailor Rainbow continue to be totes adorable? Will Sailor Sunshine figure out what “googling” means? All this and more, to be revealed!

Your GM is Steph Kingston (@StephOKingston) and your players are Dave Rollins (@DaveRollinsArt), Christina Ladd (@OLaddieGirl), Sam Brady (@creeptasticsam) and Ivana Sarmiento (@arcanevice).

Outtro music by Panerfan on Youtube.

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Episode Summary

This episode starts with Sailor Sunshine leading the monsters back to the rest of the Sailor Scouts inside the video game company and combat begins. After having many failed attempts, they finally defeat the monsters.

They were just outside the door to the mainframe. Sailor Titan started smearing the glittery "blood" of the defeated enemies on herself and her fellow Sailor Scouts in solidarity.

After a very tight anti-gravity hug, Sailor Bear punched his way through the door, but it is not a computer room. It is the right room, but there are no computers inside. Inside is like a cave with monitors built into the wall that look more like they've grown there than were built. They show security footage of the building. In the center of the room is a pillar that goes from floor to ceiling and made of purple flesh. There are glowing, pulsating cysts all over it. It's very dark, light coming only from the monitors and the pustules.

Sailor Rainbow uses her ring to create a light to calm Sailor Sunshine.

The investigate the room and they find a book upon a table with a picture of an eight headed dragon (Orochi). They take the book, which is a book of mythology. The Sailor Scouts look around the room, confused about where to put the device Lotay gave them. They opt to put it on the fleshy tower in the center and the device sticks. Lotay calls Sailor Titan on the phone. He believes the tower they've stuck the device to is what is sucking the energy from the people playing the game. They must destroy it.

Sailor Sunshine checks for Negaverse taint and finds that the pillar is definitely of the Negaverse and the pustules are full of energy. She shines her light on the pillar, causing the pustules to burst and release their energy and it starts to shrivel. The Sailor Scouts surround it and attack the pillar destroying it.

Lotay reports that he thinks it worked because people are putting down their phones. They go home, successful, and have the weekend.

Sailor Titan and Sailor Bear go work out. Sailor Sunshine relaxes and makes sure that Sailor Rainbow gets the study guide.

Sailor Bear gets a text from Hideo saying he has something cool to show him at school tomorrow.

Monday morning comes and it is the day of the history test. As the test begins, someone outside starts screaming. "Oh my god! He's going to jump!"

Hideo is on the roof. He yells "If you're real, come save me Sailor Bear!" And the episode closes.

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