Sailor Moon 6 "The Death of Hideo? A Beautiful Man Boat!"

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Episode Stats

Episode Number: 6

Title: The Death of Hideo? A Beautiful Man Boat!

Air Date: 1/1/2016

Length: 1 hour 26 minutes

Previous Episode: Episode 5 - Hallway of Terror! We're Titling These Now!

Next Episode: Episode 7 - Protect Your Loved Ones! Fight the 8 Headed Dragon!

From the Website

Start your new year off right with a healthy dose of friendship and glitter with this brand new episode of the Sailor Moon RPG. I promise that not every episode has potential teen suicide in it. Ken’s boyfriend Hideo is threatening to jump off the roof of the school if Sailor Bear doesn’t come to save him, and right in the middle of Ayaka’s important history test too! How will the Senshi save Hideo and keep their secret identities intact?

Also we all list the weird things and sexual favours we’ll give you if you make us some fan art. So please do that, or Principal Bunhead will give you detention.

Your GM is Steph Kingston (@StephOKingston) and your players are Dave Rollins (@DaveRollinsArt), Ivana Sarmiento (@Arcanevice), Christina Ladd (@OLaddieGirl), and Sam Brady (@CreeptasticSam).

Outtro music by panerfan on Youtube.

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Episode Summary

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