Skud Derringer

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Skud Derringer and Squelch by [ @SuperShinyPanda

Skud Derringer was a monk who lived in the Monastery of Uthgar in the mountains of Ssathra. He was visited by The Tower of Grey sometime in the year 1716[1]. We lived in the Monastery since he was a young child, where, he claimed, the monks helped raise him. So in, return, he raised the monks from the dead as zombies. He kept these zombies as servants and butlers during his many years in the Monastery, and was particularly fond of his small zombie dog named Squelch. He kept his Old Master in the secret treasure room, afraid of the fact that the Old Master, being his first attempt at raising the dead, was a monster that he couldn't control.


  • Played by: Mike Bachmann
  • Race: Water Genasi
  • Class: Cleric 3/Wizard 14
  • Age: Adult
  • Status: Alive
  • MISC Info:
    • Mauve skin
    • Flock of Seagulls haircut, which is bleached blonde
    • Robe that's a little too open, with the 90's mall cup pattern on it. You know, that swirly blue wave thing.
    • Unassuming looking dude, super laid back guy
    • He has a hairy chest, but waxes it according to the V shape of his robe, so you can kind of see his chest hair peeking out, but there's a bald V on his chest. You get it.