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Space, the Gerbil


Space was a miniature giant gerbil bought from Jormond's Exotic Animals in Episode 13 - A Dwarf, Dragonborn and a Githyanki Walk into a Bar… by Tum "Darkblade" Thumble for reasons unknown.

Space... the final Gerbil

Little is known of Space before the party purchased him for five copper pieces, but his importance cannot be denied. Space's true meaning may be lost on us mortal fools, but he has thus-far not been seen again. Some fans presume that Space may be either running around the boat or resting under the ice with it's master, waiting on it's next opportunity to steal the spotlight of the DnD Podcast.


  • Space was believed to be inspired by Boo, a popular Forgotten Realms hamster.
  • Jormond offered Space to Tum before anyone in the party mentioned wanting a hamster to him.
  • Tim Lanning went back and forth between Hamster and Gerbil when describing Space.