Steve Meloncamp

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Steve is a friendly Gnoll who lives near Yangahr but grew up in a camp that grew melons. Hence the name. He has a wife named Cheryl Meloncamp who is...around somewhere? Steve is the gosh darn nicest guy you will ever meet.

Steve and Thom

Steve the Gnollem

Steve the Gnollem makes his first appearance at the end of Episode 200 - Betrayal in the White Spire. The spirit of Steve the Gnoll inhabits a flesh golem made up of the various body parts that Thom the Dragonborn collected in his adventures. He has the head of Thokas which is bald with perhaps some mold in the place of hair, and saggy, floppy, and discolored skin. He has the arms of an owl bear and the frog legs of Kind of discolored in many areas. He has the tail of a dragonborn and in the place of where his penis should be, in instead the finger that used to belong to one of the guards of Trant Thumble. He still has the voice of Steve the Gnoll. He is an artificer warforged.

He has a mount named Jerry, which has the head and neck of a bugbear but has mechanical spider legs.

Evil Steve

In an alternate timeline (Tabletop Day 2015 Live Stream Evil campaign), Steve's home of Meloncamp was attacked and his wife Cheryl was killed. This caused Steve to turn evil, adopt the Christian name Evil Stevil, and gain a love of rumbling.

Steve is played by Mike Bachmann