Sweeties Day

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Sweeties Day was a magical holiday celebrated predominately in The Elemental Plane of Fire. The long and short of it was that there was a legend of a team burglars (them being an Elf [named Scrampus], a Dwarf [Crumbus], a Human [French], and a Halfling [Stewart]) who would come from the Prime Material Plane to steal the sweeties of young Efreeties. The younguns then have to ward off the intruders Kevin McCallister style, resulting in a series of hi-jinks that are the reasons for the season, or whatever. If the Efreeti youth is succesfull, they will be rewarded with more sweeties. The problem is that there are never any actual intruders!

Dodge Grabbit believed that the holiday was a cover-up for some kind of strange plane-ar alignment that resulted in certain types of magic being rendered inert. Whatever that means. The long and short of it is: Can't use some magic. Randomly. Get over it.