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Alias(es): N/A
Race: Human?
Class: Sailor?
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death:
Thrown overboard in a sea storm
Affiliations: Chum Guzzler Crew

Ätlän-tã Fælcons

The Tower of Grey

Appearances: First Episode: ???
Last Episode: Episode 157 - Storm's A-Brewin'
MISC Info: Shy

Tad was a former slave aboard the then un-named Chum Guzzler. He was set free by the equally un-named Ätlän-tã Fælcons, and took up as crew aboard the ship. He was pretty shy, and kept to himself a lot. He was killed in a sea storm being thrown over in Episode 157 - Storm's A-Brewin'.

Fan Fiction

Courtesy of Tasis Sai - History of Tad.

Tad Jonius

The son of Torin Jonius, a fisherman and Mary Jonius, a seamstress, Tad was expected to follow in the footsteps of his father, and father before him. Young Tad always enjoyed the water
and the gifts it had to offer. Food, entertainment, and peace. Learning the ropes came second nature to Tad as his father had always talked about his work and supporting his family.
It was one day after Tad’s seventeenth year of life, that his life turned a dark corner.

A large storm had come in from the sea, quicker than most. Tad had learned to read the skies, but this was almost unreal. The clouds raced across the skies toward the mainland as
the fog rolled in almost like waves into the shore. His father was not expected home for a few more hours and began to worry. Hurrying home, Tad found his mother tending to a new
vest that she made for his father and was supposed to be a gift when the wind picked up and blew all the materials around. Mumbling softly, she collected the pieces as Tad explained
the weather and his worry. Turning toward the window, she suggested to light the bonfire outside and put some pines on it, ensuring it would glow bright in the thick fog. Dashing
outside Tad could feel the moisture in the air, knowing that with the wind and fog, rain may start any time. Collecting the dry timber he started the bonfire and tossed a few
branches of pines to get it going. Then he waited.

Staring at the greyness of fog, he could not even see more than twenty feet off the shore and the sun was all but a dim circle in the sky. The sound of wind seem to mask any hint
of a vessel in the water. It was not until he went to put more wood on the fire when a loud CRASH rocked the dock as a ship ploughed into it, ripping it from the supports. The shock
had not even hit Tad as he dashed into the water, confirming it was his father’s vessel he began to rip at the wood and see if his father was there. Water was rushing in from all
directions as he searched the wreckage. He found clothes, a few books, and some freshly packed fish, but his father was not within the ship. Escaping the rubble, Tad looked to the
main desk where fear then hit him suddenly. Tied to the mast of the ship was his father, at least unconscious, and steering the ship was a large Gnoll. Standing at least ten
feet tall and tangled black fur, commanding two other smaller gnolls to jump off the ship as he gestured to the small house. Tad, gripped by fear and powered by courage, he took up
a barrel top as a shield and a large round stick a wood with a nail in the end, as he raced onto the deck.

“Creatures of evil, Uthgar have pity on the souls you have met and justice unto you!” he shouted, standing all of six feet tall, wielding his make-shift club and shield.
The lesser creatures, knowing basic common understood two words, Uthgar, being a god they did not like, and justice, meaning they had to fight. Raddgar was a half-Gnoll half Gaint.
A strange mix and a completely different story, knew common very well and also knew this runt had some guts. Gesturing to his comrades he sent them onto shore, as he picked up his
hammer and advanced on Tad.

Tad had little to no combat experience. Living a sheltered life, and only knowing the stories his mother and father taught him about knights and adventuring folk. Tad looking to
his still unconscious father and tighten his grip. Uthgar guide my hand and I will serve you with my life, Tad thought as he swung a large
arch against his foe. Raddgar had seen this coming. Warriors of no experience use all their strength at the start of the fight. Raising his hammer Raddgar blocked the weapon and
pushed Tad back.

Raddgar had lived through almost sixty seasons. He was a respected figure in his village, mostly because he was the tallest. He became a leader of sorts and when a band of
adventurers were heard travelling the land, Raddgar sot to rid the threat. After sending several of his best kinsmen to deal with it, he received word they were all dead. A Dragon man,
a bearded dwarf woman, a sneaky cloaked thief, and a lanky lizard looking man took them all out. The dragon man kept muttering his dislike for gnolls and was eating them! Raddgar
set off to find a new home for his village when his stumbled upon his ship. It was filled with food, maps, and the person on it was no match for the ten foot tall gnoll-gaint.

Tad stumbled on his heels reeling back. This creature's strength was superior to his by almost triple. Tad switched tactics and began to move around the deck. The ship was run agound,
desk tilted but Tad being smaller and more agile ran and dove at Raddgar. Not expecting his Raddgar side stepped but fell through a weak spot in the deck up to his thigh. Sharp pains
caused a howl that shook the air around Tad, but left him open. Tad using his large arch swing again caught the distracted Raddgar on top of his head with a force that split the bone
but did not break club. Raddgar’s eye rolled back as his slumped over.

Tad running to his father to check on him, he found that his father had taken a hammer blow to his head. The blood was everywhere on him and no life force could be felt. Tad began to
weep, but was bought back to life when a scream pierced the air. His mother.

Jobs and Ythr were not smart gnolls. They were both less than thirty seasons old but had seen battle, which is why they were with Raddgar. They departed the ship, leaving Raddgar to
deal with the boy, as they needed to find food and shelter. The cabin they seen was small, not enough to build new village with, but it would sure have some fresh meat or bread with
it. Anything was better than fish again.

Mary Jonius heard the crash of the boat. When she looked out the window, she could only see a faint outline of a ship, but it was grounded. She felt a pain in her chest, the soul
connection between Torin Jonius and Mary Jonius was gone. She knew that. She seen the large figures moving around on top of the desk and fear began to rise. Taking up her grandmother’s
iron skillet, she ran to the closet and hide. This skillet was easily twenty pounds and Mary could wield it with ease as it was the only skillet they had and used it all the time. It
had almost become a joke in the Jonius family as this skillet was more deadly than the sharpest swords but could only be used by the women.

Fear began to rise as she heard Tad’s voice in the distance. No, my son… her thoughts came almost aloud. She was about to leave to get to her son when she heard the door open. Peering
through the cracks, she seen two gnolls walk in. Those filthy creatures. They killed my Torin. She knew she was not a fighter. Her only combat skills were punching dirty off the blankets,
but be damned if she would let these beasts take her family from her. She waited.

Jobs and Ythr could smell the cooking of pork even before they got to the house. Their stomachs guided them through the front door and right to the stove. No concern for any of the
surroundings. The largest pig they have seen in weeks was sitting on top of small stove. Hunger took over them, grunting and growling as they pawed at the pig, perfectly seasoned,
tender and juicy, the fat still on the…. WHAM! Jobs slumps over as a large iron skillet shatters his skull. Ythr in a panic reel back and throws up his hand to block a second attack
as the skillet comes up from a bloody head and knock him backwards. Seeing an angry women, two-handing an iron skillet, Ythr steadies himself again, unhooking the axe from his back and
draws it.

Mary never thought it would be that easy, but she knew after she missed the second one, she had no hope but to run. Seeing the brown haired beast pull out his axe, she had one shot and
she bolted toward the door.

Ythr seen her looking toward the exit, and as she began to move, Ythr’s animal reflexes gave him the upper hand as he jumped in front of the door to block the exit. He had heard of other
gnoll warriors gaining respect after they brought home a human woman as a slave. He would bring this woman to the village as a slave, even Raddgar would consider him equal now. A grin passed
over his face, as he took a step toward her.

Mary Jonius had seen this look before. Animal, human, elf, dwarf all had the same look. They thought they would get lucky. She raised the skillet up knowing she had one chance to hurt
him, if she did not, she would be tormented until the end of her days. The beast took a step forward, his axe was angled to the side, so when he swung, it would hurt but not wound.
The second step came quick but stopped short as a howl echo as loud as a thunder clap from outside. Mary saw the pause and his head turn slightly and she took that chance and swung. The hit
connected with Ythr’s axe arm causing him to yelp and drop the weapon but he lunged at her. Mary screamed as the skillet left her hand, causing a loud CLANG on the wooden floor, she fell
back with a huge, smelly, vile beast on top of her.

Ythr was in pain. He was pretty sure his arm was broke but it didn’t matter. He had a hungry, it was for flesh. She is a frisky one he thought. Kicking and screaming, but his massive
body was top and she was running out of energy. Reeling his head back he cackled as he looked down once more. Opening his great maw, and dove in for the bite but was stopped. A sharp
pain shot down his spine. He tried to cry out but could not move his mouth. He could not move his arms or legs.

Tad seen the beast on top of his mother, she was weak and fading fast, Tad brought up his club, the nail shining in the dim light down on the back of the creature. The gnolls spine was not
hard to miss, it stuck out of his back like a malnourished animal. Tad has been a pro at chopping fire wood, often showing his father his one-handed chop that would cleave a two foot wide
log in half. Seeing the gnoll in distress, he shoved the beast off of his mother and with a final, thoughtless swing crushed his head.

It was a sad day to follow. Mary wrapped and burned the bodies of the creatures. Tad dug the hole for his father. A large plank of wood from the ship his father sailed made a suitable marker.
Tad searched the bodies and found a pouch of gold and gems. It would be enough for a good start in a larger city for his mother. Questioning the decision, Tad explained that these gnolls were
running from something. They were not prepared for sailing, not equipped for battle. It was not until he removed a small parchment that had the drawings of a Dragonman, a bearded dwarf
woman, a sly rouge, and an impish looking wizard. These are the people that caused the gnolls to run and attack his family, he had to find out who they were.