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*[[Episode 116 - Adventures in Boat Sitting Part 2]]
*[[Episode 116 - Adventures in Boat Sitting Part 2]]
[[Category: Drunks and Dragons Characters]]
[[Category: Greetings Adventurers Characters]]

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Telir Thumble was a Wood Elf, raised in a monastery as a monk. He was sponsored by the Thumble family, and while he had never met Trant Thumble, Telir was sure he was super nice. Telir was a very poetic man, and was very fond of wishing people "Happy Namasday." Telir also recently had his 100th birthday, becoming a man amongst his people.

Telir accompanied Rhavar, Temerity Barakas, and Steve Meloncamp on a mission to bring the Demonomicon, to Fennekin, though they failed when Steve absconded with it through a portal. Telir's fate is unknown.


  • Played by: Tim Lanning
  • Race: Wood Elf
  • Class: Monk
  • Age: Adult (100 years
  • Status: Unknown, presumed alive
  • MISC Info:
    • Very poetic, spoke is flowey, rhetorical sentances. Namasté.