Terrific Terry

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Terrific Terry
(Tim Lanning)
Terrific Terry.jpg
Alias(es): N/A
Race: Tiefling
Class: Bard
Status: Presumed deceased
Cause of Death:
Paralyzed by supporters of Tiamat, who summoned her
Affiliations: New Newfoundland Land

The Baby-sitters Club

Appearances: First Episode: Episode 300 – Swords and Sobriety Episode 1: Tavern Troubles
Last Episode: N/A
MISC Info: Terry had a high, Thom Harper type voice, while Jumbles had a throaty, nightmarish voice

Terry was 5'3", slightly greying hair, wrinkles under eyes, pale purple skin, antler-style horns

Jumbles the Puppet is different than Jumbles, the court jester of Pelor's Hope

45 years old

Terrific Terry was a Tiefling Bard/puppeteer from New Newfoundland Land, who worked at the orphanage, and would often terrify entertain the young children. He had a particular special "One copper for each parent you have. No parents means you get in for free". He would often talk as his puppet/mask persona, Jumbles, who looked like a knock-off Jar Jar Binks. He graduated 8th of 12 in his class. He was friends with Flax Farmer Fred, the Tiefling owner of a flax farm.

A member of The Baby-sitters Club, he attempted to stop Mendelov's Marvelous Rainbow Tavern Company from corrupting the town, but failed. As a result, the Company, actually a team of Dragonborn, completed a ritual to bring Tiamat into the world. He was likely killed when this happened.