The Rattling Skeleton

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The Rattling Skeleton
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Location: Pelor's Hope
Serves: Skull Drinks!
Bartender: unknown
Notable Occupants: unknown
Status: Intact
Reason for Destruction:
Steph Kingston? No
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 307 - Breaking the Bank
Last Episode: Episode 307 - Breaking the Bank
MISC Info: Skull Mugs!

The Rattling Skeleton was a tavern in Pelor's Hope, known for it's mugs that were shaped like skulls. Whether they were real skulls or just imitations was never revealed.

Recent Events

Rowan Grey took Skud Derringer and Lahni Caplain here while they waited for Toby Treacletart to finish making Toby 2. While they waited, they bonded and opened up to each other. Specifically, it was revealed that Skud wanted to love his skeleton companions, and have them love him back.