Toby Treacletart

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A gnome with magic based illusion magic that studies at the White Spire in Glaine, the Jewel of the East. He's only 39 years old, which would be roughly 18-19 years when converted to human terms. He's lived a sheltered life in the safety of the White Spire and has quite an optimistic and innocent view of the world. His heroes are the other adventurers Harper, Aludra, Thom, Tum, and Jaela and he has posters of them on the walls of his room both at his family home and in his room of the White Spire.



  • Height: 3'1"
  • Age: 39 years old (5.5 wizard years)
  • Weight: Somewhere around 37 to 50 pounds
  • Hair: Fiery red

Toby has a huge smile, big ears, and a big (but not comically big) nose. His fiery read hair sticks out all over the place, and is often covered by his low level wizard's hat. He has a patchy, threadbare cloak that slightly blue but weathered that has burn marks and stains and perhaps droppings of some sort. His hands are often stained or burned from constantly tinkering or working with potions or other such things.