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The Death Count List for the Top 5 of Death Podcast. Note, that the winner and deaths for a particular episode are typically announced at the beginning of the next episode (i.e., the winner of Episode 1 and the deaths for Episode 1 are announced at the beginning of Episode 2).

Episode Winner Deaths
1 - Original Nintendo Games Matt
  • Dooley is killed by his uncle trying to one-up Dooley's dad.
  • BWK, dressed as a ninja, goes out to buy candy and stumbles into a robbery. Walking towards the gunmen, he gets shot.
2 - TV Shows We Grew Up On BWK
  • Matt and friends enter the woods around a small fire, telling Midnight Society stories. He grabs the 'sparkle bag' filled with colored dust, trips, and spills the bag into the fire. It combusts, and Matt is engulfed in flames and runs screaming into the woods to die.
  • Dooley one day looks in a mirror and decides that it's time for a change. Throwing out all of his clothes, he goes into the mall and joins a group of mall goths. 25 years later, he loses contact with his mall goth friends, but after rediscovering photos of those glory days, he is filled with regret and jumps to his death off the Golden Gate Bridge.
3 - Board Games Matt
  • While on a playdate, Dooley and BWK were confined to the house due to a terrible rainstorm. "I'm bored," whined BWK, "I know, let's play a board game." The only game in the house was Grave Danger up in the attic. Upon picking up the game and awakening the spirits of Hell, zombies are unleashed. Dooley is attacked and becomes a zombie. After confusing Dooley for Michael Jackson, BWK is killed by zombie Dooley.
4 - Cartoon Characters Dooley
  • Matt is killed one night while walking home from improv class. While thinking about the golden rule of improv, which is to agree with your partner while doing scene work, Matt felt proud of his own creativity. Walking back to his car, a gunman in a ski mask and tells Matt to hand him his money or he will shoot Matt. Remembering his improv skills, Matt knows exactly what to say. "Yes, and you'll probably spend the money on drugs and booze!" said Matt. Perturbed and slightly confused, the gunman shoots Matt's unfunny brains out.
  • BWK woke up feeling not quite himself one day. Instead of waking up with his usual 'happy-go-lucky' demeanor, he felt strangely energetic. He dismissed it at first, but couldn't stop moving around in an erratic and silly manner. He was a bit alarmed. Throughout the day it got worse; his friends noticed a huge difference in his personality to the point where they were extremely uncomfortable. BWK considered going to the doctor, when the unthinkable happened: he looked at his arms and noticed an unhealthy amount of body hair. BWK had developed the dreaded Robin Williams' Syndrome. He heard that notable voice actor Billy West had been diagnosed with this a week prior, and knowing that he could not end up living his life constantly speaking in accents and living with extreme hyperactivity, BWK took his own life by stuffing his head in the garbage disposal.
5 - Movies Dooley
  • Fearing he was losing touch with his father, BWK sought to reconnect with him. His father, Big Papa Keefe, is delighted to hear so they both decide to go see a movie. They go to check out the new Jim Carey flick, Mr. Popper's Penguins 2: Waddle It Take. Since he's such a huge fan of Jim Carey, BWK is ecstatic, but his father is more than disappointed with the film and attempts to leave. BWK, sick of being forced to leave the cinema anytime he goes to see a picture with his dad, pushes back and demands that they stay until the end. Push comes to shove, and BWK's dad hits him with his belt, causing BWK to develop an embolism and die.
  • One night at home, Matt gets an anonymous phone call. "What's your favorite scary movie?" he hears on the other end. Being super pretentious about it, he says "Well, what kind of scary movie? Horror? Slasher?" Slightly thrown off, the caller responds with, "Well, you tell me." Matt says, "Well, you asked the question. I'm fairly well versed in slasher movies, Korean slasher gore, Norwegian thriller spook, and traditional circus fright. I'm also great at being pretentious." The caller threatens to gut Matt like a fish and lynch him with his own intestines. Matt says he can do him one better, and paying homage to the famous psychological clown thriller, It Came From beneath My Sheets, Matt spoons out his eyeballs and makes a rich tapioca pudding out of them, ingesting it, and then dying of scurvy, just to show how much of a fan he is.
6 - Simpsons Episodes Matt
  • BWK and DJ both felt ashamed and embarrassed after incorrectly answering such a simple Simpsons trivia question. After a day or two of self-loathing, the two decided they needed to redeem themselves and made plans to watch every episode in order. Their bodies were discovered weeks later, malnourished and swimming in their own excrement.
  • Dooley, having a nice quiet Sunday dinner with his family, is interrupted when a thing comes into the room. The human-looking being had a mouth on his forehead and his nose was mounted on his chin, and his limbs were backwards. The creature reveals himself to be Dooley's son, and tells everyone present hat Dooley traveled back in time like in Back to the Future, and actually had sex with his own mother, creating the brother/son Dooley always wanted. Everyone is shocked, and Dooley's dad shoots Dooley.
7 - Video Game Bosses BWK
  • On June 15, 2019, Matt is feeling horribly depressed with the way his life has turned out, having pushed everyone away with his aggressive and pretentious attitude. Begging for work, living alone on a derelict houseboat, and crying three times daily, he tries to trace back the events which led to his current state. It dawns on him that "I don't care for the Resident Evil games. i only like a very specific kind of zombie," was the dumbass comment which made everyone open their eyes to his garbage personality. To prove his point, he created both fast-moving and slow-moving zombies in an attempt to prove himself right. He died in the experiments.
  • Dooley makes a tough decision to leave everything behind and move to England to get close to the glamour of British society. In an argument about some Resident Evil trivia, Dooley gets upset with a fellow plane passenger and decides to bring the whole plane down, killing himself.
8 - Dumb Personal Stories Dooley & BWK tied. BWK declined victory.
  • BWK, unemployed and alone, cursed the problems of the current economy. Getting a call from a company called Cyber, he shows up to the job interview, and BWK waits in a dark and dingy waiting room. A skeleton is chained to the wall, and BWK realizes that he has been locked in a dungeon. Waiting in the room for almost three months, he dies painfully of dehydration and starvation.
  • Matt decides to air out some grievances he has with his mother. Finding his mother choking on food, Matt attempts to help her by performing the Heimlich maneuver, but ends up breaking all of her ribs. Matt, unable to cope with being the worst son in the world, slits his throat and dies a slow and painful death.
9 - TV Theme Songs Dooley
  • Coming down from the natural high of hosting the Top 5 of Death, guest host Brian Babineau decides that he is hungry for more. Unable to return to his mundane life of watching movies and listening to pop punk, he realizes that he needs to cohost the podcast permanently. Concocting a master plan that will lead to the demise of BWK, Brian finds out where BWK lives after a simple google search, and shows up to BWK's home with a blunt candle stick. Brian catches BWK playing 3 ninjas with his two older brothers, apparently never living down his childhood. "How pathetic," says Brian, and bashes his brains in.
  • The following week when recording the podcast, Brian shows up instead of BWK. Matt asks where BWK is, and Brain responds with, "We won't be seeing much of him anymore. Let's just say I murdered him in cold blood." Mildly disturbed and deeply concerned, Matt and Dooley, out of sheer terror, put an end to Brian's life by snapping his neck. Matt asks frantically, "What are we going to do? We just killed one person who's responsible for another person's death!" Dooley slowly turns to Matt and says, "What do you mean by this 'we' talk?" Dooley slits Matt's throat with a nearby sharpie and wins the votes for that week.
10 - Worst Movies Dooley
  • Arriving two years early for the new Superman/Batman crossover movie, Matt takes his spot in line at the IMAx theatre to get the perfect seat. After 30 minutes, he forgot that he hadn't packed water or food. He leaves his post to snag a refreshing Zevia ginger ale, and comes back 20 minutes later to find that BWK has stolen his spot in line. Matt turns into a ravenous beast and smashes the ginger ale can in BWK's face, causing his nose to cave in, subsequently killing him. The IMAX staff call the police and tell Matt that he is banned from the theatre for life. Enraged, Matt says "You can't ban me! I ban myself!" Matt smashes his head into the wall and dies.
Episode 11 - Inventions Matt
  • DJ and BWK decide to go see the new Springfield attraction at Universal Studios. Since they are both such fans of airplanes, they book their flight together. During the flight, DJ becomes nervous because although he loves airplanes, he is afraid of flying. The nervousness of flying causes DJ to have stomach issues. DJ makes his way to the airplane bathroom, meanwhile BWK is in dire need of a Zevia ginger ale, and anxiously awaits the refreshment cart. BWK and DJ both accidentally eat shit-covered snacks, and both die of Toxoplasmosis before the plane lands.
  • Dooley was on a Top 5 of Death winning streak and in the best of spirits. Listening to the latest episode he was not on, it suddenly dawns on Dooley that the show is way funnier when he isn't on it. Dooley goes on a downward spiral and decides to go on a spiritual journey of self-discovery. He leaves his home and quickly dies of exposure. His body was found two blocks away from his house.
Episode 12 - Discontinued Foods Matt
  • Dooley noticed he was putting on a little weight when his mother suggested he start eating WOW chips. Before the Dooley family knew it, they were all on the only olene diet. But then, one fateful night, it hit them all without warning. On the verge on an anal leakage catastrophe, the whole family ran into a tiny bathroom. Dooley and the rest died drowning in their own waste.
  • BWK received a large package after recording the week's podcast episode. The box seemed large and to be from Pepsi. The box opened and a scraggly-bearded man with a crazed look in his eyes pops out brandishing a broken Pepsi Holiday bottle. BWK died after being shanked in the neck.
Episode 13 - TV Sitcom Dads Matt
  • Dooley, debating whether or not to steal Fro's new laptop, steps into the bedroom. "What do you think you're doing?" A white man's voice shouts behind him. Dooley turned around, and there was Fro. Seeing Dooley had his laptop, Fro decided to call the police. Pleading for Fro not to call, Dooley starts crying so much, he dehydrates, collapses, and cracks his skull on the radiator. As Dooley lay there, dead in a pool of his own blood, with Fro standing over him, the police arrived. The cops see Fro over Dooley's body, and shoot first without asking questions. The cops were awarded a medal for their swift justice.
Episode 14 - Conspiracy Theories Matt
  • BWK was followed home last week from recording the podcast. He didn't know it yet, but he had successfully put himself in the crosshairs of a major global conspiracy. When he got home, he noticed somethign different. His house had been ransacked and reptilian scales were scattered throughout the house. Panicking, he was quickly on the run from shapeshifting reptilians. Driving away, he was ambushed and a black hood placed over his head. After he was placed in a chair and the hood removed, BWK saw that he was surrounded by four Andrew W K's and a many reptoids. Everyone made BWK party so hard that he ended up puking and dying.
  • Dooley and his band, Glacier, found themselves with an overnight hit single on their hands, "Who Punched The Bus?" After an insane rise to the top, Dooley could not handle the mainstream coverage his band was getting. He developed an addiction to grandpa's cough medicine and hit rock bottom. Checking himself into rehab, but then deciding he didn't want to go to rehab, he broke out and went to his Seattle home, cracked open a case of his favorite cough medicine, and overdosed. His next door neighbor, Courtney Love, found him dead and blew his head off with a shotgun.
Episode 15 - Weird Al Originals Ryan Trainer
  • After hearing Weird Al's smash hit "Your Horoscope For Today", Dooley downloaded a horoscope app. One day he gets freaked out reading an unfavorable horoscope which says that he will die soon of a heart attack for being high strung all the time. After stopping using the app for several weeks, Dooley finds himself in a social situation where he has the opportunity to take a puff of a marijuana cigarette. Feeling adventurous and wanting to make a change in his life, Dooley takes a small puff, but is unaware that the marijuana has been laced with bath salts. Dooley turns into a deranged monster and finds himself on top of a roof screaming to the Golden God. Jumping fifteen feet and breaking both of his legs, Dooley attempts to eat a first responder and is killed by questionable lethal force.
  • In an attempt to redeem himself for using poor song choice in the previous episode, Matt decides to take his girlfriend on a beautiful date. In a true example of class, he even lets her order her own choice of fountain soda instead of a free tap water he usually recommends. On the way home from his successful date, Matt plays Weird Al's feel-good super-sexy song "Wanna Be Your Lover", to show how committed he is to his beau. Matt's girlfriend is so impressed with his out-of-the-blue chivalry that she buys him tickets to the tenth anniversary concert featuring Cryptopsy and other bands. Feeling nostalgic, Matt decides to enter the Mosh Pit and starts windmilling like it's 2003. Matt's arms get dislocated and fly off. The singer of Cryptopsy takes Matt's arms and beats him to death with his own arms, leaving him in a puddle of his own piss and blood.
  • Not written by Ryan, but improved by Matt. One day, BWK attends a Windmill convention and cosplays a windmill. Walking through the convention, he catches a strong wind and the blades of his windmill start spinning and cut away at his face, killing him.
Episode 16 - Horror Movie Killers BWK
  • DJ sets out to convince Matt that Ghostface is not a dumb horror movie villain. He devises a plan and buys a ghostface mask and hunting knife and sneaks into Matt's house. Waiting for Matt to come home so he can surprise him, DJ falls asleep. Waking up, groggy, and thinking he sees Matt, DJ stands up to scare him, but ends up tripping and impaling himself on his own knife.
  • Matt comes home one day to find the corpse of DJ lying in his bedroom. A week later at DJ's funeral, he gives the eulogy and still argues that DJ failed to prove ghostface was a good horror movie villain. Being booed by the mourners, Matt gets pamphlets thrown at him. Matt yells back, but is punched by a man in the crowd. Matt instantly bursts into tears. Thirty people punch and kick him to death. Dooley was also beaten to death in the shuffle.
Episode 17 - Things That Scared You as a Kid Casey (guest host)
  • Fresh off the high of recording, Dooley was looking to hit the town in the middle of the night. Out of nowhere, a bus appeared. Stepping aside and missing the oncoming bus, Dooley threw a haymaker and was shaken up. Taking refuge in a nearby movie theatre, Dooley bought a ticket for "Ernest Goes to Subway". Alone in the theatre, suddenly both Dooley's father and Uncle appeared, who came charging at Dooley with a Chucky doll and Hustler magazine. Overcome with childhood trauma, Dooley passed out. Awakening over a vat of acid, confused, is dropped in and dies.
  • Overjoyed that IT is being remade, Matt went out to see the movie, but on the way to go, he saw an ant, and passed out in fear and died.
Episode 18 - Horror Movies N/A

No deaths listed.

Episode 19 - First Time Experiences BWK
  • Dooley reminisces about the first time he saw porn and threw up. He decided to go watch XXX porn one more time. Going to an adult bookstore, Dooley gets a video, starts throwing up, and passes out, smashing his head on the coffee table and dying. When his body is found, XXX porn is still playing on the TV.
  • Matt learns that the McRib is back, and quickly eats 10 sandwiches. The flavor drives him mad, and drives around town causing a ruckus. Dislocating his shoulder, he runs into a local adult bookstore and asks for the phone. Going out back for the phone, Matt sees teens playing Spin the Bottle. The store clerk shoots Matt in the head.
Episode 20 - Questions to Ask a Stranger Matt
  • Dooley and BWK die. BWK dies of fear. The guest hosts also die.
Episode 21 - Game Shows Dooley
  • Matt and BWK die. Dooley kills BWK for liking America's Next Top Model.
Episode 22 - Things We Are Thankful For BWK
  • Dooley goes crazy and kills 20 people. Dooley was executed by public hanging.
  • Matt fell asleep on a couch and was killed by Dooley.
Episode 23 - Christmas Gifts We Got as Kids Matt
  • Chris McCoy, Dooley, and BWK all die.
Episode 24 - Christmas TV Episodes BWK
  • Dooley was killed by a Tupperware container.
  • Matt is killed by cereal dust.
Episode 25 - Best of the Top 5 of Death! N/A

Clip show. No deaths provided.

Episode 26 - New Years Resolutions BWK
  • Dooley and Matt die.
Episode 27 - Pet Peeves BWK
  • Dooley and Matt are killed.
Episode 28 - Most Wanted Movie Sequels Matt
  • Dooley and BWK are killed.
Episode 29 - Board-less Games Dooley
  • Matt was killed by an angry hippo.
  • BWK became bankrupt and starved to death after failing to perform a proper root canal on an alligator.
Episode 30 - Celebrities Brought Back From the Dead DJ
  • Dooley and Matt are killed.
Episode 31 - Expectations vs Reality Matt
  • Dooley cries himself to death after being put into a submission by Ken Shamrock.
  • BWK dies falling from a spaceship he made from popsicle sticks.
Episode 32 - Best Movie Remakes DJ
  • Matt and BWK are killed.
Episode 33 - Dumbest Purchases BWK
  • Matt and Dooley are dead. Dooley finds Matt's suicide note.
Episode 34 - Current Running TV Shows Matt
  • Dooley and BWK are killed. BWK bought a can of soda, tripped, and died.
Episode 35 - Uses for a Time Machine Dooley
  • DJ and Matt died.
Episode 36 - Songs From Movies Matt
  • Dooley and DJ are killed.
Episode 37 - Fictional Brands/Products BWK
  • Matt and Dooley die.
Episode 38 - Bucket Lists Dooley
  • BWK, Matt and DJ are killed.
Episode 39 - Theme Park Attractions DJ
  • Matt, Dooley, and BWK all die.
Episode 40 - Rumors We Want to Start DJ
  • Dooley, Matt, and BWK die.
Episode 41 - Phone Apps Matt
  • BWK developed sclerosis of the liver and died.
  • DJ was crushed to death by plus-size porn actor Fat Damon.
Episode 42 - 90's Crushes Dooley
  • The deaths for this episode were not read, since the episode was 'lost'.
  • Guest Host Kat, DJ, and Matt die.
Episode 43 - Things We Don't Get DJ
  • BWK committed suicide at a race track.
  • Dooley was gunned down for criticizing hunting.
  • Matt was eaten by plus size country musician Girth Brooks.
Episode 44 - Sega Vs SNES Matt
  • Dooley, DJ, and BWK die.
Episode 45 - Top 5 Movie Moments] BWK
  • Dooley, Matt, and DJ die.
Episode 46 - Shark Tank Dooley
  • Matt, BWK, and DJ die.
Episode 47 - Fictional Worlds to Live In Matt
  • Dooley dies. Guest hosts Tim Lanning and Jennifer Cheek also die.
Episode 48 - How To Spend a Million Dollars BWK
  • Dooley, DJ, and Matt die.
Episode 49 - Robin Williams Memories DJ
  • Dooley, Matt, and BWK die.
Episode 50 - Things To Celebrate DJ
  • Dooley, BWK, and Matt die.
Episode 51 - Top 5 Cereals Dooley
  • BWK and DJ die.
Episode 52 - Would You Rather DJ
  • Dooley, Matt, and BWK die.
Episode 53 - Current Comedians Dooley
  • Matt and DJ die.
Episode 54 - Recommended Disney Movies DJ
  • Dooley and BWK die.
Episode 55 - Simpsons Halloween Tree House of Horror Segments BWK
  • DJ and Matt die.
Episode 56 - TV Halloween Episodes DJ
  • No deaths listed. Fan death read instead.
Episode 57 - SPORTS FACTS! Dooley
  • Matt and BWK die.
Episode 58 - Most Wanted TV Crossovers Matt
  • DJ and Dooley die.
Episode 59 - Coolest Video Game Characters BWK
  • Dooley, DJ, and Matt die.
Episode 60 - Matt Facts DJ
  • Dooley and BWK are killed by Matt.
Episode 61 - Future Episode Topics Matt
  • Dooley, DJ, and BWK die.
Episode 62 - Jokes We Wrote BWK
  • Dooley, Matt, and DJ die.
Episode 63 - 2015 Predictions! BWK
  • Fan death read.
Episode 64 - High School Shenanigans Matt
  • Dooley and DJ died.
Episode 65 - Food Mascots Dooley
  • BWK, DJ, and Matt die.
Episode 66 - Dream Jobs Dooley
  • Matt, DJ, and BWK die.
Episode 67 - Celebrities We Want to Fight DJ
  • Fro and Matt die.
Episode 68 - Slogans Dooley
  • DJ Matt, and BWK die.
Episode 69 - Comic Book Villains Matt
  • Dooley and Fro die.
Episode 70 - Things from the 70s BWK
  • Matt, Dooley, and DJ die.
Episode 71 - SNL Cast Members Dooley
  • Matt and DJ die.
Episode 72 - Garbage Things BWK
  • Dooley, Matt, and DJ die.
Episode 73 - Summery Things BWK
  • Matt and guest-host David Thomas die.
Episode 74 - Wrestling Moments Guest-host Chris
  • Matt, Fro, DJ, and Dooley die.
Episode 75 - Movies We Made Up DJ
  • Matt, BWK, and Fro die.
Episode 76 - Celebs to Spend a Day With Jeff
  • Fro, Matt, and DJ die.
Episode 77 - Comic Book Heroes Matt
  • Fro and guest-host Ian die.
Episode 78 - Childhood Ambitions BWK
  • Matt, DJ, and Fro die.
Episode 79 - Restaurant Chains BWK
  • Fro, Matt, and DJ die.
Episode 80 - Current and Desired Smash Bros Characters Fro
  • Matt, BWK die.
Episode 81 - TV Catchphrases Matt
  • Fro, DJ, and Jeff die.
Episode 82 - Things from the 80s Matt
  • BWK, Jeff, and Fro die.
Episode 83 - Underrated Food Products DJ
  • Matt, Fro, and BWK die.
Episode 84 - Forgotten Cartoons BWK
  • Matt, DJ, and Fro die.
Episode 85 - Movies from the 80s DJ
  • Matt, Jeff, and Fro die.
Episode 86 - Global Warming Solutions Jeff
  • Matt, BWK and DJ die.
Episode 87 - Guilty Pleasures Jeff
  • Matt, BWK, and Fro die.
Episode 88 - Wishes DJ
  • Matt and Fro die.
Episode 89 - Celebrity Endorsements Fro
  • Matt, and DJ die.
Episode 90 - Things from the 90s Fro
  • BWK and Matt die.
Episode 91 - N64 vs Playstation Fro
  • Matt, BWK, and DJ die.
Episode 92 - Weird Al Parodies Matt
  • Ryan Trainer, Fro, and DJ die.
Episode 93 - Halloween Costume Predictions 2015 BWK
  • DJ, Fro, and Matt die.
Episode 94 - Suggestions BWK
  • DJ and Matt die.
Episode 95 - Halloween Jams Matt
  • Jeff and DJ die.
Episode 96 - Horror Movie Scenes BWK
  • Matt, DJ, and Fro die.
Episode 97 - Horror Movie Icons We Made Up BWK
  • Matt, Fro and DJ die.
Episode 98 - True or False BWK
  • Matt, DJ, and Fro die. Fro's nipples drag across the ground, causing a spark and igniting a gasoline pump, killing all.
Episode 99 - Impressions BWK
  • Matt, DJ, Dooley and Fro die in a fire.
Episode 99 1/2 - Wikki or Won't He? BWK
  • Matt, Dooley, Fro and DJ die.
Episode 100 - 100th Episode Celebration!!! N/A - Retrospective show with a fan death
  • In the fan death, the fan, Sam, is having brunch with DJ. Sam is abducted, while DJ looks on, not interfering and making awesome puns. Sam tries to tell Fro he has been kidnapped and to call for help, however, due to Fro's misspeaking, he is unable to save him. Seeing Dooley, Dooley's dad, and uncle, the three Dooley's try to one-up the other in freeing Sam from his abductors. Matt suddenly appears to rescue a Mattster of the Universe, and kills one of Sam's abductors before his shoulders dislocate and Sam falls to the ground with Matt's severed arm. 3 days later, BWK in the hospital is unwilling to make a kick-ass Swedish Chef impression, and the fan dies.
Episode 101 - Live Episode - Pickup Lines DJ
  • Matt is stabbed by a girl with a bottle shiv to the neck after making an inconsiderate pick up line. Dooley is splashed in the face with acid by a scientist and dies. BWK goes to the bank and makes a light-hearted robbery demand. He dies when a cop shoots him. Fro kills himself after realizing how small his head looks without dreads.
Episode 102 - Holiday Foods BWK
  • Matt and DJ die.
Episode 103 - Holiday Movie Scenes Matt (DJ)* (DJ won the voting, however, due to a new rule created by Matt, if a host has not provided deaths, the runner up in voting receives the official win.)
  • DJ, Dooley, BWK and Fro die.
Episode 104 - Things We Never Got for Christmas Fro
  • Matt, Dooley, BWK and DJ die.
Episode 105 - Top 5 Clip Show 2015 N/A - Clip show
  • No deaths.
Episode 106 - Top 5 Things of 2015 Matt* (*By default)
  • Jeff and Fro die.
Episode 107 - 2016 Predictions DJ
  • Fro and Matt die.
Episode 108 - As Seen on TV Products Fro
  • BWK, Dooley, Matt and DJ die.
Episode 109 - Movies 2015 BWK
  • Matt, Dooley and Fro die.
Episode 110 - TV Family Fantasy Draft Dooley
  • Matt, DJ, and Fro die.
Episode 111 - Cereal Box Toys Matt
  • Fro and BWK die.
Episode 112 - 2016 Oscar Predictions N/A
  • N/A
Episode 113 - Grammy Awards You Never Heard Of Dooley
  • Matt, DJ and Fro die.
Episode 114 - Video Game to Netflix Adaptations We Want BWK
  • Matt, DJ, Dooley and Fro die in a gas main explosion.
Episode 115 - People Who Should Be Presidential Candidates Dooley
  • DJ, BWK and Fro die.
Episode 116 - TV Deaths Donny (guest host)
  • Matt, DJ, BWK and Fro die.
Episode 117 - Movie Sequels Matt* (*by default)
  • Dooley and BWK die.
Episode 118 - Comic Book Dream Matches Fro
  • Matt is killed for not being on the show this week.
Episode 119 - Movies That Made Us Cry N/A
  • N/A