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BWK is an alias for one of the hosts of the Top 5 of Death Podcast. BWK is a mysterious individual, described by his associates as having an "affectionate laugh", and as simply being "adorable." Not wanting to reveal his full name, since he is wanted for questioning by the CIA, MI6, and Pepperidge Farms, he frequently misses episodes when he thinks they are after him. He is also the official voice and spokesperson for Charlie the Tuna. (EP - 65) BWK's greatest passion is instagram and will bully Matt into mentioning the Top5ofDeath instagram on the podcast. He also hosts the rival podcast Top 3 of Life.

Notable Phrases:

  • "Blow it at me"
  • "BABY!"
  • "I hate the fans"
  • "Rewind the Tape!"


The name DJ possibly stands for "Dad Jokes" as he is quick in delivering puns. As a child DJ was bitten by a radioactive VHS tape and as a result has the super human ability to recall movie release dates. Not much is known about DJ's family other than he has around 30 sisters. DJ is a professional porn parody writer and he uses his writing ability to craft incredible deaths for the show(Editors note: The deaths aren't sexual...yet). After DJ had established himself as a writer he found himself trying to invent products. He created the Hand Grenade Air Freshener which work like regular hand grenades but smell nice. They also, blow up your house.

Notable Phrase(s):

  • "BWK impersonations"
  • Plus size pornstar names
  • Every pun known to man


Dooley, aka the Doolgician, aka The Doole Train, is the leader of the Doole Train Conductors and grower of majestic beards. Known primarily for his elitist hipster views and thick rimmed glasses but also for punching a bus out of anger. Dooley has the longest losing streak of any of the hosts but when he wins its usually by a landslide.

Notable Phrase(s):

  • "Tell it to the me"
  • "Smell Ya..." while trying to interrupt Matt


Matt is the creator of the show and leader of the Mattsters of the Universe. Matt will improvise deaths instead of writing them despite having never done improv. Matt has only missed the show twice and one of those times was because his Avril Lavigne cover band was opening for Nickelback. The only other time Matt missed the show was because he had a real bad case of the gout but his love of grapefruit brought him back from certain death.

Notable Phrase(s):

  • "Smell Ya Later"

The Grey Cat (Rocksteady)

The Grey Cat was the first ever guest host for the show. It appeared on the show by force, as cats are known to do, by just taking a chair. Not much is known about this cat as it was only seen on the facebook once. The grey cat is not to be confused with the black and white cat who does nothing for the show but distract Matt. The gray cat belongs to Fro


Fro Is the host who replaced Dooley while he was away on a Australian adventure. Fro loves comic books, invented the cocaine fueled comic book hero SnowFlame, ate a large amount of cheese on air (Episode 90) and is often bullied by Matt. Fro also has dreadlocks which he keeps threatening to cut according to BWK.

Notable Phrase(s):

  • "All right!"
  • "I didn't misspeak!"
  • [inaudible sniffles "cough"]


Jeff is a recurring guest host who is full of energy. He is trying out stand-up comedy, and works at a grocery store (or use to work at a grocery store). Jeff hosts his own podcast on the