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  • Real Name: Justin O'Connor

Geekly fanboy, high school student, and resident of Drunkeros. I like dogs and reading. Don't mix the two, though. Dogs can't read you silly goose.

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Messing Around With Stuff

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The Demon Apocalypse was the major devastation of Drunkeros that occurred as a result of Fennekin opening a portal to the abyss and unleashing an ungodly (hehe, get it?) amount of demons into the realm.


Remember when the party woke up on slabs in Shadowspar Keep with strange devices implanted in their brains in Episode 1? Well, that was Fennekin. Episode 11 to Episode 22 was essentially made up of the party (Aludra the Dwarf, Tum "Darkblade" Thumble, Thom the Dragonborn, and Junpei Iori) attempting to travel to Caer in order to find the supposed Cleric of Erathis, Fennekin, as they had heard from Geodude that he would be able to remove the strange devices from their heads.

They reached the Temple of Erathis in Episode 22, and Fennekin explained to them that he could permanently deactivate the strange devices in their heads if he received The Whip of Binding, The Orb of Endless Power, and The Brazier of Worlds. The party agreed without really questioning him at all. I'm sure that ended well, right?

Episode 23 to Episode 78 - The Long Road to Caer saw many adventures by the party, but the group's main quest was finding the three items for Fennekin. The pack first find The Whip of Binding on the corpse of Captain Blindy in the Forbidden Temple on the Lost Island in Episode 33 - What Rhymes With Crag Mon?. The party then finds The Brazier of Worlds in House Vidalis Episode