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Wiggins, the Mouse


Wiggins the mouse was originally found by Aludra Wyrmsbane in the Church of Bahumt in New Newfoundland Land during the party's mission to defeat
Wiggins the burrito eating Church Mouse
Gruemar the Silver
(145 – An Illuminating Encounter).

Aludra, after casting Speak with Animals, whispers for any mice living inside a mouse hole to come out. Despite his misgivings and natural mistrust of humanoid races, seeing the pain that they wrought upon one another, Wiggins was lured into their employ by the promise of burritos. Having tasted the glory of Aludra's "boob burrito," Wiggins could no longer turn away the party's invitation to join them. Leaving his home behind, he set out on his journey with [INSERT NAME OF PARTY SOMEDAY].


  • On several occasions Wiggins, being a mouse, has interrupted the party during negotiations to ask for burritos
  • Wiggins prefers burritos without beans
  • Wiggins is okay with eating bean burritos, though
  • I mean, a burrito is a burrito, after-all
  • It's kind of the least they can do... it's what they promised
  • Sometimes when he asks for burritos the party talks about killing him, but he's a mouse. What do they expect?
  • Wiggins weighs 2oz (56 grams)