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===[[Drunks and Dragons]]===
===[[Greetings Adventurers]]===
*[[Episode 17 - Welcome to Caer!]]
*[[Episode 17 - Welcome to Caer!]]
*[[Episode 28 - Spooky, Crazy Mystery Hour]]
*[[Episode 28 - Spooky, Crazy Mystery Hour]]

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Xantolin Mardrove was a former slave aboard the then un-named Chum Guzzler. He was set free by the equally un-named Ätlän-tã Fælcons, and took up as crew aboard the ship. He was quite the fan of the Darkblades, Tum "Darkblade" Thumble in particular. He enlisted the help of Tum and his friends to avenge the death of his small puppy at the hands of his old mentor Xantac. During Episode 28 - Spooky, Crazy Mystery Hour Xantolin tried to fight Tum for his Darkblade insignia, hoping that would make him a Darkblade. Xantolin later got promoted to First Mate on the Chum Guzzler, but was lost overboard and presumed dead. Somehow, he ended up surviving and turned up in Mastwick, where he joined the Darkblades and went on many adventures for Footpad Calor. During this time, he refused to tell anyone about his dark past, but was afraid of the ocean.



  • Played by: Philip Canada
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Sailor?
  • Age: Adult
  • Status: Dead Alive
  • MISC Info:
    • Deep, dumb voice. Simple, but kind.


Greetings Adventurers

Random Encounters - Darkblades