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In Drunks and Dragons

One of the ex-slaves on the ship. Xantolin is a Darkblade fangirl and as such had great regard for Tum. He asked the party to go get revenge on Xantac for killing Xantolin's puppy Rover. During Episode 28 - Spooky, Crazy Mystery Hour Xantolin tried to fight Tum for his Darkblade insignia, hoping that would make him a Darkblade. Xantolin later gets promoted to First Mate on the Chum Guzzler, but is lost overboard and presumed dead.

Xantolin has problems with eye contact.

In Darkblade Academy

Xantolin is a human rogue who joins and Darkblades and is currently a Cutpurse. He has some mysterious burns and a deep fear of the sea, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Has a tramp stamp with the name Chum Guzzler on it.