Yazdir Dosh

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Yazdir Dosh was a female Silver Dragon who was imprisoned by Jett Razor on the city/plane of Nareev. Doomed to be slain by him and eaten by the Nareevians during the Festival of Soloni, Yazdir was saved by the Ätlän-tã Fælcons, under the condition that she cause a distraction somewhere in the city, which she was more than willing to do. She also gave Jaela a whistle that would call her to them should they find themselves in need of Draconic assistance.


  • NPC
  • Race: Dragon
  • Class: Dragon
  • Age: Unknown, probably Young
  • Status: Alive, whereabouts unknown
  • MISC Info: Pithy and Teen-like, but nice. Apparently the language draconic sounds like Valley Girl Speak. She could speak Common, but considered it beneath her.