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Taverns & Caverns Episode 48: Choosing Sides

By Rhyan on

After defeating the roaming Chuuls, Guild Master Vanelis requests for the players’ presence. They are now faced with a difficult decision that may change their lives for the worst. Find out what happens next on this exciting episode of T&C! Join us as our DM Rhyan (@HaphazardDM) tries to kill our beloved characters – Desiree/Damien …

Mordew Review: What the Dickens

By Christina Ladd on

If Charles Dickens had been locked in a room, given only 20th century fantasy to read for five years, and then told to produce a novel, he would have produced Mordew. Alex Pheby is only ostensibly the author; I’m still not entirely convinced that it isn’t an elaborate misdirect, and that Dickens isn’t really scribing …