Black Ice – Jack In and Power Up

By Zak Cox on


Black Ice was developed by “Super Duper” Garrett Cooper and was driven by the desire to hack much like the cyberpunk novels of the 80s and 90s. If becoming a super hacker in a cyberpunk Tron world has been something you’ve been interested in doing then Black Ice is the game for you.

At first I had no real idea what I was doing when I was dropped into the cyberspace. After a brief tutorial I was teleported into your procedurally generated neon world filled with various leveled corporate buildings. After I moved around for a bit a couple of tooltips popped down to tell me to get close to a building and start hacking. So naturally I jump right into it and start blasting the Black Ice programs that were hurled at me. These guys ranged from crazy looking spiders, weird jellyfish and eventually crazy sharks.


My first few levels of corporate hacking were a breeze. I gained levels fast and acquired various gear for my cyberdeck (your hotbar of various weapons and gear). Let me tell you, this gear is randomized stat wise much like borderlands. I managed to get a machine gun that shot hammers that knocked my foes back and a sniper rifle that changed my enemies color so that their former comrades began to attack them. You can even get your own versions of the enemies in drops to use at your disposal.

The goal is to get as high in level as possible and to get as much gear as possible so you can challenge the tallest mainframe building. If you are quick enough and know what to look for in terms of rare servers you can get some pretty nifty items that will make your progression fast and easy. While I didn’t spend the time working up to the top I wouldn’t mind taking some free time to make a crack at it.

Overall I think Black Ice is a great game, I think maybe the tutorial could have been a bit longer and the lack of an overarching story does leave me wanting to know more about this cyber world. If you think you want to become the next cyberpunk hack master then Black Ice can be found on Steam as well as the Humble store and Itch.IO for $9.99.

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