Cthulhu & Friends Presents: Side Quests Episode 9

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Hey Creepers! Welcome to Cthulhu & Friends’ second podcast stream: Side Quests!

This week, Rob from The ORPHEUS Protocol is running the first part of an investigative horror adventure, starring Staci, Mike, and Caleb from The RPG Academy.

The mysterious ORPHEUS Corporation tasks one of its covert operatives with discovering what became of a folklore researcher who went suddenly missing while in their pay. He was last seen on Santibel island, investigating the folk traditions of an isolated, rural community. A private investigator and a private security specialist are hired to assist the ORPHEUS operative, no-questions-asked, and the three of them follow the trail of the missing scholar. What mysteries await them in the island’s seldom-visited interior? Find out in this ghoulish edition of CaF Sidequest!

The ORPHEUS Protocol is a Horror/Espionage RPG Rob is in the process of beta testing. The ongoing beta test campaign, starring Staci and some other fine folks, is released in a weekly actual play podcast over on The ORPHEUS Protocol website.

Music Credits:

WARHORSE – Remote Control Dad Prelude
Kevin MacLeod – Rites
Kevin MacLeod – I Knew a Guy
Kai Engel – Counting Lights
Three Chain Links – Gray is the Sky
Kevin MacLeod – Covert Affair
Kandinsky – Night Crawl
Kevin MacLeod – Divertissement
Josh Woodward – Memorized (Instrumental)
Kevin MacLeod – Children’s Theme
Myuu – Discovery (Horror Soundscape)

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