Review: Amazing Spider-Man #14

By Ben Stonick on

Written by Dan Slott, Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Oliver Coipel I’m going to be upfront here; Spider-Man is my favorite superhero. This might lead you to believe that I will pour praise over every issue of Amazing Spider-Man that comes out. This would be quite incorrect! By having Spidey as my all time favorite, …

Review: Thor #5

By Ben Stonick on

Written by Jason Aaron, Art by Jorge Molina The Goddess of Thunder has truly arrived. If you have not been keeping up with this recent change up at the house of ideas, you need to fix that ASAP. While this particular issue is a bit of a dip, it is still one of the better …

Darth Vader #1 Review

By Ben Stonick on

Marvel has recently regained the rights to publish Star Wars comics and they have hit the ground running. The first two issues of their flag ship book for this series, aptly titled “Star Wars” has been a treat. Canonically, these books take place after A New Hope but before Empire Strikes Back. This means the …

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