Geekerella Review: Geeky Contemp YA We’ve All Been Waiting For

By Pragati Chaudhari on


I have so many heart eyes for this book, it’s not even funny. I absolutely, absolutely adore this. I mean, so much love. For realsies. It’s the cute, geeky cousin to the actual Cinderella, and I love it.

Geekerella follows the story of Danielle “Elle” Whittimer and how she falls for Darien Freeman, the hot actor who is all set to reprise the role of Carmindor, Elle’s favourite fictional crush, in the movie reboot of old time show Starfield. Geekerella borrows heavily from A Cinderella Story a la Hillary Duff & Chad Michael Murray and I love it. It has the famous guy (Darien) and the girl next door (Elle) and texting people without knowing their identities and Elle despising Darien without knowing anything about him. It’s all amazing. And the fandom references are lush. So many of them. I was in heaven.

Elle has loved Starfield for as long as she can remember – the love instilled in her at an early age by her parents who met and fell in love because of their mutual love for the show. They were fandom royalty in their day and her father even started a convention – ExcelsiCon that was his pride and joy. But, her mother died when she four and then her father remarried and died in an accident a few years later, leaving her with a stepmother who is more of a step monster, her equally annoying step sisters and a house that’s hers but isn’t really. Her stepmother makes her do all the chores, her sisters make all sorts of horrible comments about her, and she doesn’t have any friends apart from Sage, her coworker at the Magic Pumpkin – a vegan food truck – and her fellow Starfield fans. She runs a blog called Rebelgunner where she talks about all things Starfield. When Darien Freeman is cast as the lead in the movie reboot for the franchise, Elle is pissed. Her passionate blog post about why Darien isn’t the right Carmindor makes her an overnight sensation.

When  she finds out that the winner of the cosplay competition at ExcelsiCon, her dad’s brainchild, will win a meet and greet with said actor, Elle decides that she needs to win it so that she can meet Darien in person and call him out and also so that she can escape her shitty home life. Amidst all this, she receives a call which was really meant for her dad (she inherited his old number) and begins talking to the cute boy on the other end. They connect over their shared love of Starfield and slowly develop feelings for each other.

I really like how dedicated Elle is to her fandom. She is so passionate about it and loves it so much.She has a bad home life but doesn’t let that deter her. Yes, she complains at times, but mostly, she keeps her head high even though  her step family treats her like she’s less than dirt. She’s also been burned by a boy in the past and that’s made her reluctant to open up to any boy, but she can’t help like the boy who called her, the one she starts to refer to as Carmindor. He understands her in a way that no one else does and he’s almost as passionate about Starfield as she is. I love how the romance built in this one. So cute.

And then, there’s Darien Freeman. Darien, who loves Starfield. Darien, the geek who loved going to cons and make geek references. He’s thrust in the limelight by his father, who his more of a manager than a parent. He doesn’t like the image his dad has created for him in the media and really wants people to like him for who he is and not because of his abs (which have been insured, by the way). When he starts talking to the girl he accidentally calls in relation to his ExcelsiCon appearance, he feels that he can finally be himself without the shadow of his screen name. So, he hides who he is and talks to Elle as if he just your average guy. He is so freaking shit cute. I absolutely adored him. Right from the beginning. He has so much to deal with in regards to his father, the media, his best friend who turned out to be just a money- and fame-hungry parasite, and the plethora of fans who believe he isn’t their Carmindor, especially the Rebelgunner. Yet he keeps his head up and faces everything head on. He’s only eighteen, but he seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders, and really just needs someone who understands and likes who he is as a person.

These two kids are just amaze all throughout the story and I love them. So cute. And they’re both such dorks. It’s awesome.

This story is definitely one that will leave a smile to your face and make you fall in love with it. It will also make you want to hug it tight because reading this will be like home because you’re a geek and you love your fandoms.

A definite must read.

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