We’re on hiatus. WHAT? Roll sanity.

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First, a huge THANK YOU to all those who have listened to the show, rated us on iTunes, donated, and interacted with us. We love all of you wonderful Creepers!

Last week, the first season of Cthulhu & Friends ended with a bang (or two), and we told you all that we were taking a 6 week break. Don’t let this worry you – we aren’t going anywhere, and we are STILL a podcast!

We won’t be shutting down during the break. We have plans for some fun Doctor Who Tabletop RPG live streams (schedule to be released soon), the much anticipated Joshisode should be coming up, we’ll be adding a second monthly podcast into the mix (stay tuned for more details), and we have a pretty big announcement that will be coming out in the next week or so.

Season 2 is already in the works. We have updated artwork, and thanks to the help of our generous listeners (& fellow cast members), our entire crew is now equipped with professional recording equipment. We promise to put these to good use, continue to improve wherever possible, and bring you the absolute best show we can.
With all that being said, we want to remind you that we LOVE to hear from you!

Comments, questions, & suggestions are always welcome. Leave a comment here or contact us through one of the ways below:
Email: CaFPodcast@gmail.com

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