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Which 80’s action hero best describes you? Are you a muscled, ex-Marine wearing a vest full of grenades hanging precariously from their own pins? Better yet, what if you are Sarah Connor, but ultra-boosted by drinking Slurpies? If you’ve ever wanted to live out an 80’s movie arcade style, here is your chance: Streets of Steel is coming to Kickstarter!

Designed by Guitar Hero creator, Ryan Lesser, Streets of Steel is a side-scrolling, dice-rolling game of 80’s inspired arcade brawls. This ‘totally rad’ cooperative game introduces a novel mechanic in which the board phasically updates left and right tiles to emulate the feel of a side-scrolling video game. With each new tile comes a gnarly barrage of enemies of varying difficulty. Your heroes navigate through these Danger Zones, avoiding toxic waste, kicking punks out of the way, and punching kilgaroos in the face. Each tile also contains the opportunity to collect items such as Roasted Chicken (that’s for you, Castlevania fans!), Spikey Boots, Cursed Katanas, and SPF9000. Much like an arcade game, heroes will die but can be brought back with quarters – except this money isn’t taken out of your allowance. The game ends with an epic boss battle, with a never ending wave of baddies to support the villain.

If you enjoy the satisfying crash of a showering cascade of die hitting the table, I highly recommend you support Streets of Steel on Kickstarter. The game’s mechanics smoothly integrate the feel of a 2D scroller onto a board. Thematically, Streets of Steel fills that 80s-inspired board game void I didn’t know I had in me. Still not too sure? Check out my full review coming very soon!

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